Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Website

I just finished building a new website for myself . I did it for 2 reasons, first and foremost it was because I wanted to learn how to use Adobe Muse. Since I am paying a monthly fee for Adobe programs I figure its a better value if I use as many as I can.
My previous site was built with Rapid Weaver. Which is a pretty phenomenal program. It's a little more time consuming than Muse but the store and other plug ins made it worth it.
At some point I'm going to link my old site to my new site I just had too much going on today to get to it.
I also updated the look of my blog to match more closely the simple feel of my new sure.

I wanted but some guy already owns that. I went to check him out and he hadn't updated his site since January. I just went back a few minutes ago and saw he updated it today. It's just a blog mainly, I think the guy is a photographer. He doesn't care too much about his site because if you click on the "about" tab. You are treated to the default
 "This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from."
So I ended up using my middle name.

I now own 2 domain names.

It's getting popular for artists to set up wix sites. I don't like that, I don't consider them actual websites. They are glorified blogs at best.
Feel free to say you have a blog or a web presence but not a website.
If you didn't buy the domain you don't have a site.
That's like saying your Deviant Art page is your website or your Big Cartel store.

Maybe I'm a snob, not that my website is spectacular. Ill play with it off and on for a bit tweaking things. I use this blog more than anything as far as web presence goes.

So check out the site let me know what you think. Ill be leaving the old site up for a few more days. Mainly cuz I don't know how to link it yet to mt new site.

Thanks for reading

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Not going to win any awards with these paint jobs but I hit my deadline. I finished about 6:45ish.

Pulling my weight or Pulling others down?

Three months ago on Feb 13th my life was changed forever.

We've talked about this so no need to recap.

Now I find myself 3 months later and I am worried that my actions are not following my spirit like they should.

I greet every Sunday at church both services. It is without a doubt my absolute favorite part of the week.
I want to do more but, I'm not sure what.  I tried teaching the 5th and 6th graders. I didn't really enjoy it. I felt a little uncomfortable and it was interesting with my greeting which I love so I asked to be taken off the schedule.
Now I wonder if that wasn't a mistake. for 2 reasons actually.

1) They need the help for sure. The people that do all the teaching are spread pretty thin and I can physically do the job.

2) It put me outside my comfort zone. That was my big issue, i din't feel comfortable so I didn't think I was doing that good of a job.
Out of our comfort zone though is where God wants us.
I was all gung ho to help wherever they needed me then when I didn't like it I stopped. Maybe I need to talk to Bridget.

Then there was the Wednesday morning prayer meeting. I stopped going because it was killing my productivity. I couldn't stay up late and work on Tuesdays because I had to get up so early. Then after the meeting I would be jazzed for about an hour and a half to two hours then I crashed and I'd sleep my Wednesday afternoon away and then go to church that night so I was getting zero work done then.

So now its just Sunday and Wednesdays I don't feel like I'm doing much for the church. I want to do
more, I'm just not sure where I belong.

I'm not keeping up with my blog properly. I have been wanting to post one about following our leaders but just haven't yet.

It's frustrating.  I want to help out anywhere I can then I get the chance and I turn it down. As you can see I'm really conflicted about this 5th and 6th grade thing.

I don't want the fire to go out but I don't feel I'm giving it enough work fuel.  Plus I want to be a better example to others.

Ugh, can't stop thinking about this and I have work I should be doing here at the house.

Thanks for reading


or Brother Whiskers depending on how you know me.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Creative Dark Cloud

Geez what a bunch of babies the Adobe users are turning out to be.

I found myself on the Adobe Photoshop Facebook site tonight and I was alarmed at how many people are furious about the switch to the cloud. 

What was even more maddening was the amount of people who clearly didn't pay any attention to the Adobe announcement or bother reading any of the myriad articles out there about it.  
About every other comment was something completely wrong. 

People are complaining that you can't access your files if you decide to stop your subscription. That's ignorant and false. 
As long as your files are saved locally you are fine. Just don't save them to the cloud or save them locally before you cancel. 

Then there are the yahoos that complain they travel a lot & aren't always near the Internet. As if you can't open Photoshop unless you are connected to the net. 
You download the app to your Mac.  The application is yours.  You pay for the usage. So after you pay you can use Photoshop at will. Connected to the Internet or not. 
They even allow you to pay 3 months at a time. 
So what the complainers are getting at is they are not on the Internet for at least 30 days at a time. 
Really 30 days, you go a month or more without your computer being online. No wifi hotspots in those 30 days. 
How bout the 3 month at a time option. You go 90 days or more without the Internet? Then you probably aren't the type of person or in a career where adobe products are in use daily. 
That seems like a sweeping statement but I'm a freelance artist and I could not survive without being connected at least every other day. That's at the very least. 

Yes if you are a hobbyist and use photoshop to touch up your photos this might be too much for you. Paying $20 a month for something you use occasionally might be annoying. I can't help but think that Photoshop for an amateur or a hobbyist is like squirrel hunting with a bazooka. There are lots of programs out there that will let you do your basic photo manipulation and you should shut up and switch to one of them. 

Photoshop in a pro tool for professionals. 

So many commenters said they would stick with the version they have now. Some said they would stop using Adobe products. Like that is a threat. 
Adobe has 90,000+ subscribers already with more joining daily. 

At 90,000 subscribers multiplied by just one app license per month Adobe is looking at a minimum of 1.8 million a month in revenue. 
I think they can afford to take the hit if Johnny Amateur & his friends decide to use Corel or picasa or gimp. Even if he has a million friends that boycott it with him. 

So suck it up, join the cloud get your upgrades and get back to work. 

Thanks for reading. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Creative Cloud and What it means to me

Adobe announced today that as of now the Creative Suite is no more.

Basically years ago when I started doing graphic art on a Mac I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop. I had a pirated copy given to me by the main artist at the shirt plant I worked at.
It was Photoshop 7 and I was in love.  I eventually got a pirated copy of Ps9 and then I went legit.  When I started freelancing I decided I should buy an actual copy of the software.
I purchased Photoshop CS3. This wasn't the entire suite just photoshop and I still paid more for it than I had paid for any computer related anything besides my iMac itself.

I used that for a couple years and then I let my boss use the license.  He paid the fee and I gave him access to my serial number.

When I left that job I decided to buy a brand new copy of CS4. I found a copy of the entire suite online for less than $800 so I nought it.

I've been using that ever since.

Today Adobe announced that they would no longer be making hard copies of their software. Henceforth when they released a new version of the suite they would make it only available digitally.

The Applications themselves, Photoshop, Illustrator and so on would become essentially free. With one huge caveat, you would be paying a monthly fee for using the programs.

So instead of dropping $800 for the suite and using it until it was obsolete or until your version was no longer compatible you would pay a flat fee monthly with a 1 year contract.

I've been using Ps since the early 2000 so as a way of saying thanks and not freaking us freelancers out totally they discounted the monthly price for people who had a serial number to any of the last 3 iterations.

Now I am locked into 1 year of paying $29.95 a month for a program that i used to just outright own.

After a year the price will go up to $49.95 a month for me to use the Adobe apps.

The bad side of this is of course the money. I hate having a new monthly bill.

However to me good far outweighs the bad.

I can see the reasons Adobe went this route.  It will save them money producing discs. It will make pirating the software pretty near impossible which will make them money from people like me who relied on the piracy of strangers for so long.

For me it means I will ALWAYS have the newest and best Ps & Illustrator. That's pretty cool as well as giving me access to a lot of cool features. There is the 20 gig free storage that comes with my monthly subscription.   New and improved versions of all Adobe programs, some of which now I feel like i want to learn since i'm paying for them.
Like Muse, right now I build my website with Rapid Weaver. I'm hoping to be able to phase that out and get it off my hard drive for the very similar Adobe Muse.

Basically I'm excited, and also a little nervous.  Feels like big brother might be watching my actions a little closer but in the long run I think its a good thing.

My fear is other companies will follow suit and next thing you know your web browser, iTunes  and other software will start charging per use rather than per software.

Welcome to the cloud.