Monday, October 17, 2016

Running on Empty

I have been thinking a lot recently about leadership. This is due in part to the fact that I am taking a leadership class. It is also due partly to that fact that Kelly keeps us reading as a group.  We subscribe heavily to the idea that leaders are readers at Lifepoint and Kelly backs that up with recommending then reading books on leadership with us.

With that said leadership is often on my mind.

It’s been a busy weekend followed by a busy Monday. Lots of ministry opourtunities and responsibilities.  I was reading a book this evening and it pointed out that a huge problem for leaders in ministry is when they give more than they get.

This isn’t talking about finances, or doing your job. It’s talking about emotional and spiritual health.  I have a tendency to spread myself thin. To pray often about what God would have me say to those that want to talk to me. Those that see me as a pastor.  I want to be for them a spiritual boost.  For the teens I want to be a a consistent presence and someone that knows when to listen and also when to advise. Most the time its just the listening that does the job.

When the weekend comes around and its time for us to fill our hearts with Gods word and fellowship I can get into work mode. I might miss the sermon because something needs my attention. I may not get to it that week either as there are more pressing matters. I’ve went several weeks without hearing a sermon.

That’s not good. That is far from good. How can we expect to be there for each other and to help each other out if we are empty.  We can’t pour our what we don’t take in.  Without that weekly break of being fueled I have less to give others. 
When someone you know and care about is going through a difficult time they need you. You have a responsibility to be there and support each other in times of need, in times of triumph and times of grief. 

When days like today come and they are ministry heavy you need to have enough gas to fuel those that need it and get yourself back to the pump.
I'm thankful for leadership that reminds me of that. The fuel light might come on from time to time but I won't let it run dry. I will focus on taking in more than I burn up so I don't burn out.

There is a song by the band mewithoutyou called “A Glass Can Only Spill What it Contains”

During a week what do you fill yourself with that you can pour into others?  

I can’t encourage you enough to make church a priority. We are called to live in fellowship.
You have to fuel up to go farther.  Sunday is more than a day off. Take it use it for what God intended not just what you want. 

Don’t pass the pump, the next station might not come along for a week at least.

Thanks for reading


Monday, October 10, 2016

Say Less

This is just one of my clear my head blogs. No huge truth no nugget of wisdom. Just me typing because it’s Monday and I post a blog on Mondays. 
 So I guess I’ll just tell you all what i’m thinking and call it a night.  I’ve been trying to write this since about 7:30 it’s now 12:08.  I know I’m not going to be able to sleep when I finally do go to bed unless I’m just so tired my brain shuts off.  

So here goes this is my big take away from today.....

You can talk too much, but you can never talk to little.

I need to work on that.  I talk a lot.  I try to defend my point and it doesn't really matter.  The majority of things that come up in life are stupid battles that won’t matter in a weeks time. 

Whether its the upcoming election.
Most of us already know who it is we are going to vote for so running one candidate down doesn’t do anything but get you into pointless arguments that won’t matter in less than a month. Just pick one and vote. 
Voting booths are private for a reason.

Or if its just doing what you have to do because your told to do it.  Just accept it and move on.

I’m in Col Steve’s leadership class right now and a quote from the book we are reading  seems to fit.  The author John Maxwell writes  “You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything.”

I don’t think he's saying that nothing really matters but rather we place a lot of emphasis most the time on things that won’t even be a thought in our head this time next month

So next time you find yourself in a situation, whether you believe you are right or not ask yourself if it will matter in a week and if the answer is no, then say less.
If it doesn't pass over then you haven't said anything that you regret and if it does pass then you don't look ridiculous for making a mountain out of a molehill. Just say less.

It’s just a better way of putting the old saying don’t sweat the small stuff.

I’ve sweat enough for one day.

Good night and thanks for reading.

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Brand New World

I was watching the Hillsong documentary Let Hope Rise tonight and I heard a lyric. I don’t know what song it was, I heard the lyric and then I felt God give me the nugget of truth that would grow to this blog.

The lyric was “to see a brand new world”.  

Instantly it took my mind to images of a a newborn baby and thoughts of a new Christian.
So often when someone goes to the altar. Those of us that are established in our faith, I think expects them to immediately be transported in their walk to where we are. Or at very least to where we think they should be.

When they don’t instantly stop talking the way they used to. Or watching the movies they used to we question their conversion.

I had the blessing of getting to visit baby Gabby twice recently in the hospital. Gabby, if you are unaware was born to Matt and Laura Latall 3 months early. She is a beautiful baby girl with a ridiculous amount of hair.   
Seeing her there so vulnerable, tiny and reliant is how we are when we finally lay our lives down for Christ. You might be 33 years old like me but you are a brand new creature. A newborn. Everything you see you are seeing with new eyes. Everything you hear you are hearing with new ears. You are newborn. It is a brand new world.

That is why Paul in his letter to the church at Corinth describes his teaching to new believers like this  “I had to feed you with milk, not with solid food, because you weren't ready for anything stronger. And you still aren't ready,”  1 Corinthians 3:2 

We all grow at a different rate.  Paul knew that.

At LifePoint we have been blessed to baptize a lot of people recently. It’s up to the rest of us to guide these new believers. To love them and encourage them. To not expect too much from them too fast.  Let them grow. 
After all paraphrasing Philippians 1:6 the Jesus that began a good work in you and promises to see it thru has done the same for them.

God will eventually raise them to a new level like He did you. Hopefully this idea will help you filter your encounters with new Christians and even non-believers.  Whether in person or online. 
When you see someone on Facebook post something inappropriate or use language from the old life look at it again thru the filter of how long (or if at all) they have been a follower of Christ.

Be a good example, be patient and Love First.

Thanks for reading

Monday, September 5, 2016

It's not a Sprint.

Pray 10k is upon us. You are going to hear a lot about this in the coming weeks as well as read plenty about it on our various blogs. 

First I want to tell you why it is important to me.  I could go into scripture about how the Bible says you are supposed to pray. I could point out the times Jesus prayed but I'm not going to do that.  What I am going to do is tell you a fact about me.

I have a terrible prayer life, its true and its sad.  Most mornings I start the day with a quick prayer for my family and our day. Maybe something that is worrying me. This is usually about 2-3 minutes of actual prayer punctuated by mind wandering and the occasional fall back to sleep.

During the day I pray for anyone I say I will pray for immediately. I do it right away because I don’t want to forget.  This is another couple minutes. 

Sometimes when I drive I’ll pray, however I live less than 3 minutes from work so that is a 6 minute tops.

When I go to bed I start a prayer that usually ends with me falling asleep.  The Lord seldom hears an “amen” from me after 9pm. The average person takes 8 minutes to fall asleep when they are tired and I am nearly always tired so lets add 8 minutes.

That is how my life goes.  I want to do better but I don’t.  I think I am too busy, I think its not as important as some of the pastoral work I do. I am wrong.

So when Kelly sprung pray 10k on us I was excited and nervous.  He asked for the staff to pledge 100 hours.  That’s 2.5 hours a day, up roughly 2 hours and 10 minutes from my usual.
As leaders we should do as much or more than we expect of others so a few of us have uped our commitment to 3 hours. 
So to me this challenge is important because God willing it will be habit forming and reshape my prayer life.

How am I going to do this? Especially since it seems like I barely have time for 20 minutes?

Prioritize: I am going to put prayer as top priority for the next 40 days.  I will put prayer before entertainment, prayer before work, prayer before family time, prayer before “me time”.
For 40 days prayer will be the most important thing I do.

Rise: I am committed to getting up a little over an hour earlier each day in order to go on a prayer walk around our church and its neighborhood.  I will bathe this block in prayer.  I will focus 1 hour everyday to both praise for what God has done for us as a church and guidance for what is next.  I will pray for families in and around this church. For businesses on the block and the people that work in them.

Fast: In order to carve out time, I will skip a few meals in order to use that time to simply pray.

Write: I’m not the best writer but I enjoy it and I will be writing out some of my prayers. I will be basically writing a letter to god everyday.

Abide: I will use the smartphone app Abide everyday to help focus and guide my prayers.
If you don’t have abide I recommend you download it and give it a shot.  It really helps me focus and keep my mind on God as I pray.  It gently reminds us that a wandering mind is normal and helps rein me back in. You can check out more about abide including download links on their website here.

I’d love to hear some ways that you are going to adjust to this new 40 day prayer challenge.
Feel free to email me at or leave comments below. 

Pray 10k is not a sprint, its a marathon. There will be days you don't hit your goal. There will be days that you are down and feel far from God finding it hard to pray.  On those days reach out to someone. Share your wins and your loses.  Most importantly remember it's ok to miss your mark. You pledged an amount of minutes or hours and if it takes you more than 40 days that is ok. God is not in a hurry. We are celebrating the commitment not the deadline.

It’s not to late to pledge either. You can fill out a card at anytime here at LifePoint and start your journey.  Lives are going to change because of this and you can be part of it.  Even if its 10 minutes a day more than you usually pray that is 7 hours of sincere prayer over the next 40 days.

Lets do this as a family.


Monday, August 29, 2016

The Bride: Why I go to Church

I have read 2 blogs this week and it’s only Monday.  I read 71 books last year and I’m on pace to read that many or more this year. For as many books as I read I spend a lot of time reading blogs and sermons, religious though both pro and con.
I’ve heard said and I believe that leaders are readers.
I love the reading list on my phone. If I'm out and about and I see an article that catches my eye on a website I can hit the glasses symbol and add it to a reading list for later. It’s awesome and if you aren’t using it you should be.
Do it for a month, just add stuff to it then at the end of the month its like you have your own private curated magazine.

the other day I was on Facebook and an article called “Why Attending Church is So Important” popped up.  The author is Matt Brown, an evangelist, author of Awakening and founder of Think Eternity. It’s not the best article I have read on the subject but I saved it for my reading list and finally got to it today.
I remembered it because there was blog going around with reasons why a christian doesn’t need church. So I read both.

Probably the best thing I have read on reasons to go to church was written by pastor Rick Warren. Rick Warren if you are somehow unaware wrote the book Purpose Driven Life. He is the founder and lead pastor of Saddleback church. Saddleback church has touched literally millions of lives. Through written word, sermons, or out reaches. They are the gold standard.

Pastor Warren delivered a sermon in 2003 that is a very comprehensive sermon on What God says about church, and other reasons you need a church if the “Because I said so” by God isn’t enough for you. You can read it here but be warned it’s long.

Instead of going over his reasons though I am going to tell you why I need church.

I was hurt by several churches and crushed by one denomination. I decided I didn’t need church. I was convinced I could do this on my own.  
What I ended up doing in those subsequent years was build a god that was made in my image rather than me in His.
See it turned out that when I stopped going to church a lot of the things I wanted to do that I knew God frowned on was fine with god now.
I could simply google things like “reason’s why ________ is ok for a christian” and find dozens if not hundreds of articles why all this stuff God was against from sexual immorality to what I put in my body turned out to be fine with god.  I mean I had articles to prove it.  Anything I wanted in my little human heart to do or get away with could be easily justified by articles online. Someone had already done the work for me.

So I drifted farther from church, though god and I stayed tight. Turns out I didn’t need to pray much either anymore.  
I might have read my bible more in that time than I have at any other time before my complete surrender in 2013.
I could tell people I was reading the bible and some were impressed. Some didn’t care cuz they were worshipping my god too.
All that did was make them feel better about their choice. Thats something too. It's amazing how people that make the same poor or selfish decision will back each others play.

I could have went on like that forever if God had not rescued me from the slippery slope. I could have lead my family down the path marked “decide for yourself”.

God rescued me on February 13th 2013 as I slept he formed in me a new heart. A heart soft with His fingerprints.
It was way easier to not go to church, I assure you.  It’s almost always easier to not do something than to do something. 
The fact that you are reading this right now and it would be way easier not to is astounding, so thank you for continuing.

I believe deeply that it’s not about me.  It was about me, until it was about Him. Now it’s about them.

So thats the best reason I can give you to attend a church.
The church is full of hypocrites thats true. So is Walmart but I'm sure I’ll see you there.

I attend church because God can do more with my 10% than I can do with 100%.  That’s true with my tithe and it’s true with my time.

In the last 5 years locally I have helped dozens of families with food assistance or shelter personally. 
I have tithed and watched God honor that tithe in my personal life and watched the church use that tithe and others like it to provide shoes for over 50 kids that couldn’t afford them. To send christmas gifts to active military. Feed countless numbers in our town. Help break the chains of addiction. Turn lives completely around and bring friends and family to Jesus.  The list could go on for pages.
Internationally, personally I have helped build a kitchen in Haiti. I have served orphans in Ethiopia.  Through the church I've helped plant churches and change lives in Ethiopia and other countries as well as feed orphans and further the gospel to a degree that without the church I could not have feasibly done.
I've been part of, either in the crowd or actively participating in 65 baptisms just this year. Lives are changing. Lives that may never have changed.  People that may have never met Jesus and thus spend an eternity separated from Him.
When two of my best friends had a tragedy recently, I saw a church rush to comfort and mourn with them. To take care of them in a way that family alone couldn't have.  The whole church hypocrites and all.

In my wildest dreams, working as hard as I can without a church and that connection with that encouragement I could not have accomplished an eighth of that.  Maybe, just maybe I lead some one to God  while I'm on my own but would it be the God or my god? I don’t know.  
I need that anchor to hold me steady. I need the teaching and correcting so my vision doesn’t get blurred by what I want to do.

We can do more as a whole body than I can as just a finger.

Take away my job, any perceived status or influence I have and I'll still be there week in week out because I need it.  I've been without it and I know that road.

Paul, who I’m gonna go ahead and say was better than any of us was flabbergasted by the fact that he found it hard to do what was right because his flesh was so hard at work wanting to do whats wrong (roughly paraphrased from Romans 7:15-20)
This was a man that was all about the church. Building the church attending a church living and growing together.
If it was hard for him in a church how hard is it for me without one?

For those of you unhappy at your church and looking for a reason to leave, stop read these articles please. 

For those of you that were hurt like me, I urge you to find a church.  Grow in that church serve in that church be part of that church reach others in that church. Live out the great commission in that church. 
When you get hurt, like you will in any family happy or not you get over it and you carry on. It’s not about you, thanks to Him it’s about them. Help them, Love them. 

Love and lead as many of them as you can in the time you have.

Thanks for Reading.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Standing on the promises

That's the lyrics to an old hymn. One I have heard countless times. 

There are hundreds of promises in the bible. 
Promises for comfort that I cling to.
Promises of protection I count on. 
Promises of Jesus' return that I stand on.

I've been reading and studying Kings for a few weeks.  Kings 1 and 2 are great books. You can see God work in the lives of Israel thru His promises.  
Israel wanted a King, like everyone else.  God didn't want them to have a King at all but they begged and he eventually gave them what they wanted.  He loved them so much that he gave in just like I will sometimes with my kids when they beg.

One of the kings was King Omri, Omri was an awful King and an all around terrible guy. If it was bad then he had a hand in it. 
Under his rule Israel was pretty much thunder dome. 

Omri eventually died and as with kingship it was passed to his son Ahab. Ahab was surprisingly even worse. In 1Kings 16:25 the bible tells us that Omri did more bad than any other king in Israel's history.
His son and new king, Ahab gets his own description, it's identical as his fathers until vs 33 when it says not only did he do more things that were evil in the sight of God but he did more to provoke the anger of God than anyother king. 
The king at the time was Ahab and the bible says that of all the kings of Israel up to him he was the one that provoked Gods anger the most. 

When my kids do something wrong I do get mad. If I tell them specifically not to do something and then they do it right in front of me I get furious. It provokes my anger.

Israel had turned once again from a God. It had gone beyond disappointing him with their actions. 
We all disappoint God from time to time in the choices we make. The friends we hang out with the language we use.  They had under Ahab's leadership provoked Him to action. 

To say the least when Elijah enters in 1 Kings God is not happy at all with the ones that are supposed to be HIs people
Elijah tells Ahab in ch 17 that the water has been cut off until further notice.  Until he as sent back to them to give the word there would be no water. 

There was no time limit set. The usual prophet spiel about repenting and turning back to God was spared. They knew what they were doing. 

They knew who God was. I sill remember all the stories my mom has told me about things God has done for our family. When my grandma was sick mom prayed and begged God for 2 more years with grandma and by Gods will she lived 2 more years.  
I prayed that night God changed my life. These are the stories that we pass down and help us explain our faith in God to the next generation. 

The Israelites had even greater stories to pass down. The burning bush, the plagues, the parting of the Red Sea.  Still they turned from God

So Elijah passed on Gods message. No demands by God it wasn't a ransom it was a promise. No bargaining to do because it wasn't a threat it was a promise. No pleading with him because it wasn't a choice it was a promise. 
Just like that the water shut off. Just like my water would get shut off if I ignored city utilities. They ignored God simply cut it off. 
I'm not sure how much it rained usually there. They might have went weeks without it and not realized it was a punishment. Being supremely just and merciful though God wanted them to know right away and give them the chance to turn from their sin. They could save themselves the suffering by turning back to Him.  So when Elijah gave them His message he said it would not rain and there would be no dew even until he returned with Gods word. 

Who knows what would have happened if they had repented right then.  God may have opened the floodgates immediately

That however wasn't the case

3 years later they were still in this drought. There was a huge famine because of it. People and livestock died off crops were so sparse that's the king himself had to lead a party of men outside to try and find anything for the horses to eat. 

It was rough.  Promises sometimes are. 

There were according to the bible 7000 people in the kingdom that refused to worship Baal.  They still had a hard time for those 3 years but they made it thru. It wasn't easy but they made it. I'm sure they prayed for rain themselves but God made a promise and he sees ALL of his promises through. God took care of them.  I can't imagine it was easy but they made it through the drought to the rain. 
They lived in a kingdom openly defying God and they did nothing. They didn't worship Baal but they weren't actively fighting the Baal worship either. We can be confident in this because they didn't get killed and that seemed to be the preferred punishment for insubordination when it came to idol worship in the Old Testament.  They were the pew fillers. 
They made it thru to the rain. Wasn't fun but they made it. 

Elijah was a man in motion however. He was going wherever God wanted him to go. God says go to the king then he goes to the king. God says go to this hideaway by a brook and he goes. God says got to this town because I have a widow there that will take care of you and he goes there.  Elijah made it thru to the rain spectacularly and miraculously. Elijah was doing the work he was called to do. He held tight to the promise that God would eventually send him with the message. He knew God had told him he would deliver the message of rain when it was time. He had faith in that promise and was confident he would make it thru to the rain. 

I like the story of Ahab and Elijah because it shows God see a promise through to the end.  God said this would happen and it happened. There are lots of stories in the bible  where God faithfully keeps his promises. Stories where God protects those that are truly His when things around them seem impossible. 

After Jesus' sacrifice for you and I, we were given another promise because he loves us. If we live our lives for Him if we believe in Him and what he did we will have eternal life.  

That's the promise that produces.  

When we commit to God when we accept Jesus and daily choose to do His will we are doing it because we have faith in the promise. 

That faith produces fruit and that fruit makes even the droughts an oasis. 

A promise that through Jesus we will make it through the drought to the reign

Thanks for reading

Monday, August 8, 2016

the Sunflower Patch

It’s Monday which means time for a new blog.  Honestly there is nothing on my mind this week except Mikayla. I haven’t posted much about any of this. I just had nothing to say that didn’t speak of my sadness.  There is plenty of that to go around so I kept quiet.

Some of you knew Mikayla and some of you only knew of her.

As I was walking from the church to my office Sunday during 3rd service something happened to me.  There has been an ache I couldn’t stop. A sadness that permeated everything I did the last few days.  There have been tears and screams. There has been long conversations with God and long silences with my dear friends as we just sit.

I was halfway between the church and my office when I was overwhelmed with joy. I started laughing and crying at the same time. I was just overcome with the idea that I got to know Mikayla.  How incredibly blessed am I that I really got to be a part of her life.

As I said some of you knew her and some of you just knew of her. 
If you knew of her you knew of a girl that had a handicap. Maybe you felt sorry for her. Which was ridiculous because she never felt sorry for herself. You knew of a girl at church that got around better on her hands or in her chair better than half of us get around unassisted. You knew of a girl that never complained, never let her situation get her down. You knew of a happy kid that shared that happiness with total strangers. A girl that always ALWAYS smiled at you.

I however was blessed to get to know her.  Her love of her family and pets. Her wicked little smile when she said something sarcastic to tease me (which was nearly constantly).
I got to hug and hold her, I got to tease and pester her. I got to really know her strength and fearlessness facing the world. Her unceasing overwhelming joy. 
I loved her and I like to think she loved me. 
She was always my priority when James and Heather got to church. I had to get to Mikayla, get my high five and if I was lucky carry her in.

The sense of loss is great but today my sense of privilege is greater. I got to know her, I got to play with her and I got to love her. 
Like the sunflowers she loved so much, she bloomed bright and left us too quickly with just the seeds of memories to cultivate.  
One day I’ll see her again only then her head will be as high as the tops of the sunflowers  in the patch she is undoubtedly planting in heaven and she will run to meet me on healthy legs.  

Thank you Jesus for your mercy and comfort.  
Thank you for loaning that beautiful girl to us if just for six years.  
Thank you for reminding me how blessed we all were.