Thursday, January 31, 2013


Last night I went to bed at 1am. I read a few comics and went to sleep. Woke up around 3:30 and went to the bathroom. laid back down and thats when it hit me. An idea for a commercial for my friends store.  I tried to sleep but I just couldn't.  There were just too many ideas in my head so I checked the clock, it was 3:48am. I got up made some coffee and got to work.

Here is my crudely animated commercial.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cool News (for me at least)

I did some work yesterday for the church.  After that I wanted to just sketch.

I was listening to my favorite podcast, the Nerdist so I went and sketched the hosts.

Chris Hardwick is the creator.  If you watch the Talking Dead then you know who he is. If not, he hosted G4's Web Soup, He hosts the Talking Dead on AMC right after the Walking Dead, He's been on Comedy Central a bunch including his first hour long special last December.

He's one of my favorite comedians, He wrote an amazing book "The Nerdist Way" which I have read several times.

Anyway, I drew him and his co-hosts Matt Mira and the insanely funny Jonah Ray. I posted it on Twitter and one of his people saw it and contacted me.  Suggested I submit it for Hostful podcast art.

Roughly once a week, the Nerdist podcast has a show with no guests. It's just the hosts. Those are my favorite episodes.
So I reformatted and submitted the sketch. About a half an hour later I got an email from Chris Hardwick telling me he liked the sketch and they will use it on the website for an upcoming episode.

Then I was told if I'd send in a hi res copy of the sketch the hosts would sign it and send it back to me.

So I'm pretty excited.  I will post the signed copy when I get it back and I'll also post screen grabs when its on the site.

Thanks for Reading

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Take a Gander (You'll get the pun after you look)

See I told you.

Just some commission work for a client. Did 6 only posting 3.

I don't often design for white shirts but I think that is what makes me like this one so much

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nervous Rambling Part 2

I posted earlier this week that I was nervous to hear from a client.

Well after being nervous for 3 days they contacted me and bought 20 of the designs as is.  So that leaves 20 designs they asked for specifically left to hear about and 10 designs that they told me to just do some "spec" work and I'm hoping they will buy.
I admit those 10 are a long shot I honestly think it was the clients way to keep me from working for anyone else while they got their ducks in a row.

Now that I have sold half of the designs I feel a little better.
I know that if they had bought the designs as I did them I would have sold them all instead of having to worry they are going to pass on designs they ordered which is kinda a downer.

Also there is the worry that instead of spreading the money out they are now going to pay a larger sum all at once. That always makes me worry that the client will decide they have paid to much to me in a month and slow down orders.

So now I wait to see what the next wave of designs, the ones they didn't buy "as is". Hoping the corrections on 20 designs is not going to throw a monkey wrench into my already tight deadline schedule.

Ultimately I'll stop worrying about this after all the designs are done and invoiced.

Then if the client still sends me work I will finally feel ok about this whole mess.

thanks for reading and of course your prayers would be appreciated. This is my big client and if I lose them it'll cripple us.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great Day

Got up this morning and Ash was home one last day.   She was feeling good so after she woke up which wasn't until about 11:30 or so I took her to Mom's and went to see one of my oldest friends. He lives out in the country a ways and they only have one car so he's homebound most days.

So I went out there to see him and get some advice of some wildlife work I have coming up.  I'm not particularly good at wildlife designs.  He taught me an amazing trick and I can't wait to get to use it.

Anyway I got to hang with him for a few hours.   We discussed some of our "issues" like the fact now that we both do art as a job we don't feel like drawing much in our free time.  Both of us have an aversion to people theses days.  It made me not feel as crazy knowing that there was another person so much like me that has the same issues.

So that was a blast it was great to see him.  Then I picked up my oldest and came home with her, ate some Chinese food and helped her with her homework.

Went and saw my friend at the Gun Store/Army Surplus made plans to meet him later and then came home to the family.

It's been a great day.
Still haven't heard about all the work I've been waiting to be ok'd but I'm not as anxious as I was about it.  I'm sure it will work out.

Thanks for reading y'all


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nervous Rambling

I'm nervous and by the time i finish writing this blog I may know for sure if its an unwarranted anxiety or not.

I have an excellent client. Until recently 98% of my work came from them.  I picked up a new client a couple weeks ago. Which is nice but I need both clients.

My main client has this thing where they send me oh say 5-10 designs.  They get really excited about the designs.  I send all 10 finished assignments back and I receive word in a week about a couple of them. I invoice them and then I may or may not hear about the others.

So eventually it added up. They got busy and were sending jobs but I never found out about them.  Finally after there over 50 I contacted my handler and he said I should put them all together and send them to him.
I didn't hear for a week so I asked about it.  He said Friday it would get settled today.

So today I haven't heard from him about them.  I finished up an assignment over the weekend and I did hear about it but not the 53 that are still out.
Then about an hour ago I got an email with corrections on my current design and a note telling me he will get with me on the pdf of my later tonight.

Now I am nervous that they feel like have been whining and are gonna stop using me.

My only proof or atleast my only reason for worrying is because the last corrections they sent today felt short or curt.  May not be have been but thats how it read and now i'm nervous.

I'll keep you posted on what happens with the 53 and if I get more work or not from them.

Thanks for reading


Monday, January 14, 2013

Work for Friends

Tonight I took a break from regular work and deadlines to do some work for a couple friends.

My friend Mary Anne needed some art for her house and she gave me a direction and the colors and I put a few things together for her.

My friend Adam's mom requested a drunk monkey dancing on a razorblade.  I believe the story goes that one of her friends kids is "wild" and she always tell him he's like a drunk monkey dancing on a razor blade.

For a Check

This was one of those things where I just wanted a check so I do what I'm asked to do.
It's surprisingly hard to draw for fun now when I'm constantly drawing for work. Seldom though so I actually get to draw a shirt from scratch. So oddly enough I feel a sense of pride about the fish tales design.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hey look it's shirts.

the text down the side says Born Again from either direction
thats right its an ambigram

Thursday, January 10, 2013

To the Bottom of it.

DISCLAIMER: The following blog is a bit rambling and pretty much stream of consciousness. It doesn't have any of my art it it.   Plus it may come off a little whiny. I genuinely suggest you skip this one. however if you decide to soldier on I can't stop you. you have been warned.

I think a lot of my social anxiety comes from my low self esteem.

For instance church, I have said several times here on my blog (which for some reason I feel is safe even though absolutely anyone can read it) that I get wicked nervous when its time for church.

Some of it is my appearance, I've never really been a fan of how I look. Now however I have this big beard and I know for a fact that I look better without it or at least a shorter beard but I can't cut it. 

So I guess thats part of it.  Then the fact that I don't make much money is another good sized part.

I go to a good sized church.  I'm from small churches where my frumpy appearance and lack of money doesn't feel like it would be noticed.
Now i'm in a big church and the people I know from the church all seem to have it together. Now I understand that there may be a smoke screen in some cases but not all.  
Everyone seems well put together and pretty well off.  Some are very well off and I feel weird trying to interact with them.
I feel like at church especially you can never be sure if someone likes you or just is as nice as the have to be cuz you are in fact at church and they can't shun the shoddily dressed bearded man without looking terrible.
My kids are pretty rambunctious and I worry they are too much for the poor child care staff that has to put up with them. I've been involved in situations where I've dreaded one kid, when I drove a bus for instance.  I wonder if my kids are those kids. If the teacher says to her husband on Sat night "Man I hope (insert Myers child name) doesn't show up tomorrow."

When I was managing the theatre, its not like I had a lot of extra money but I had some and the added confidence of having a decent job.
Now I sit in sweat pants all day and draw. I don't make much money and we struggle more often than not. 
We live week to week and I am embarrassed because Lin deserves better.

She really does, so that just lowers my self esteem more.  I have to dig a trench to get it any lower and thats not too far away.

I honestly have no idea how I appear to other people besides fat and bearded.  Do they know I'm broke most the time?  I figure I put a lot of this on myself.  

I don't know, I just needed to sit and think so I blogged.  Pay no attention to  the man in the balcony.

Thanks for reading if in fact you did.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Here are a few Husqvarna designs I did this weekend.  I'm a little worried that I rushed this. With that said I kinda like them.

Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think either here or on facebook.


Saturday, January 5, 2013


I'd like for 2013 to be the year I got back into being around people.

I'd like to not dread things like church for fear of having to talk to people.  I really like church (when church is over and I'm thinking about it). Around Monday afternoon I start to dread it because its the only time of the week I'm around people. By Sat night I am usually trying to think of a way out of it.  Then Sunday morning Lin wakes me up and have a small panic attack. After that acceptance washes over me and I get around.

I get to church, head down and straight up stairs to "my spot".

That's where I stay until I have to go get Bat and Ash out of their class.  Trust me if there was anyway out of that I would have figured it out by now.   If I could get Lin to get all 3 after the class I definitely would. Then I would sneak out the side door and it would be perfect.

I can tell though the way I'm romanticizing how great it would be to be able to get in and out without seeing anyone that this may not be "my year" when it comes to getting more out there.

Well its something to pray about.

Thanks for reading