Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm beginning to come to grips with the fact that I have to be a self contained artist.

I get oddly anxious and paranoid when I see art from people other local artists.  I get nervous that a client will like their work more than mine or that they might take a client away from me.   Even though I think there is only 1 other artist in town that works with the same client I do and I don't think he would do that to me.

There is a handful of artists here in my town that were all basically trained by the same guy or by people that were trained by that guy.

None of us really trust the others.  We get along if need be and I genuinely like one of them but I just can't let my guard down.

It's nerve wracking.  My best and only way to stay above it is to never see the other artists work.  I instantly hate my work and get paranoid that I am going to lose work because of it.

By the way these are the ramblings of a half awake clinically diagnosed OCD sufferer.  Who spent his night watching a terrifying show about germs and parasites and now can't sleep. Or even lay down in his bed.


Facebook vs Kid Icthus

I am trying to not participate in Facebook any longer. 

The only real problem I am going to have with this is that a few of my friends live in other states and facebook is the ONLY way I keep up with them.

What i'm going to do is just use facebook messenger on my phone.  That way, I'll know if someone writes me via facebook but I won't be tempted to post my own stuff there.

The main reason I am stopping is because I have several "friends" on facebook that I didn't have a legitimate reason to deny their request but I'd just as soon not have to read their asinine responses to things I post.  

After 6 months or so of not using it maybe I'll get back on and clean out my friends or maybe I'll be happy with just the messenger.

I was doing really well at not using facebook until my sister Letha contacted me thru there and she likes it better than straight email. So then I found myself checking it everyday and getting involved in the crap that ensues.

I feel partially though like this is more of me being anti-social and I don't want it to seem that way. I want to be social with people I genuinely like, not with people that never gave a hang about me in school but now want to comment on things I am stupid enough to post.

Does that make sense?

I guess the moral of this story is that you should really be careful whom you let friend you. Or maybe its just me.

Thanks for reading


Monday, August 27, 2012

More Sketchy Sketches

I wanted to do a Walking Dead set, unfortunately there are only 2 characters there that I can stand

I did find enough Avengers to do a full set

Finally my Breaking Bad set, 2 of which were "liked" by Bryan Cranston (Walter White himself).
and all of them were liked by AMC's official instagram feed.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Found Shirts

I was browsing the internet for inspiration and I came across a few of my shirt designs. They were not designs I had sold. I was kinda tricked out of them a year or so ago.

Here they are though, one even made the front page of the website.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


New shirt design