Thursday, May 31, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

It's been a busy week and a half.  I've done a lot of designing and sold almost all of them so It's been a blessed week and a half too.  I thank God for the work I have been getting and pray it continues for the summer at least. For the record the "faithbook" ideas were suggested to me and not my own.  The art yes 100% the idea, no

Thought I'd do a dump of 13 of the pieces sold this week.

Thanks for looking


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Marilyn Specs

Couple Marilyn Spec designs.  hope the client likes them.  It's my first of this style for them.

New Bike Design

My client has changed my style to suit them better.  Kinda takes some of the artistic freedom from me but they are the ones that pay me.
Below is my latest design for them.  Not one they ordered but one I think they will dig.

Monday, May 14, 2012

More Realistic Please

Sent a client the following Motorcycle design as requested.  I was asked if  I could make it more realistic so I redid the chrome to give it a more realistic appearance.



I liked it better before.  it's more artistic and interpreted than the latter.  However their was is quicker.

Thanks for reading


Finished, Invoiced and Paid

This is the repost of a design posted last week.  The client made some great suggestions and this is the finished piece.  I invoiced last friday and was paid today.  Plus they sent me 6 more jobs.

Thank you Jesus for the answered prayer.  That is the ONLY reason I got the work.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tonight I watched a 2002 documentary called the Devil's Playground.
It follows a handful of Amish teens as they go thru the rite of rumspringa.
It is a period of time starting at the 16th birthday & can last from a couple months to several years.
Fitting that time the teens are allowed to do anything they want. Party, drugs, alcohol, sex & electricity.
It was a fascinating documentary.
I really felt for the kids.
It's such a foreign idea to me to go from that amount of sheltering to that amount of rowdiness in literally the course of a day.
The first night of their 16th year a huge majority of the kids get hammered, high or worse & the party continues for weeks, months or years.
It's said that 90% of the Amish that leave the community for their rumspringa return to join the church.
Once you do return & join the church if you choose to leave again you are shunned by your entire family as well as the community you grew up in.

My only problem with the doc was I desperately wanted to see at least one of the teens they followed go back & join the church.
They talked to one girl who had already decided to so she wasn't partying during the movie.
Then the main guy they followed decided to go back and live Amish but had not decided to join the church yet.
Something I was unaware of until I saw the doc was that while on rumspringa the teens are allowed to live with their parents. They can & do have ridiculously huge parties on the Amish property. One such party had 1500 attendees, bands, liquor, drugs & rock all in a barn in the back of the Amish fields.
I always assumed you had to leave the community for your time in the world but I was wrong.
That to me makes a lot of sense. Largely because your parents and the community is there to put the pressure on to join the church & put the partying behind you.
I really recommend the doc. It has some swearing because while out in the world they swear a LOT but it was such an interesting look into that life.

I'm kinda obsessed with the Amish right now. I have this huge respect for that level of conviction in ones beliefs.

I don't think you'd regret watching the movie. It's available from Amazon, thru Netflix & for download.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's 1:21 a.m.

It's late night or early morning however you want to look at it.
I posted a blog yesterday about something that was making me super nervous.
While I still haven't found out what is gonna happen in that situation I wanted to thank the people who reached out to me & helped calm me down.
Jen, Kev (my twitter bestie) Ashley S, Ashley P, Steven & Wes. Thank you for reading the blog & taking time to try & calm my at times rampant paranoia.
I'm sitting in my living room right now with my brain going a mile a minute & trying to relax but finding it hard.
That's why y'all are getting this extra helping of crazy tonight.

One of my friends helped a great deal tonight by calling me.
We both had freelance stories to exchange & we both had been betrayed by the same person.
We talked for a half hour or so & afterwords I felt much better.
The same friend offered me some work. He had received some assignments from a client & it was more than he needed so he offered me some.
I was all gung ho on the phone but after I got off & talked to my wife I got more & more paranoid.
Not about my friend mind you but about my choice to become freelance & strike out on my own.
Ive been supported on this seemingly crazy journey by my wife Linda who has had the most to lose. It's easy to tell someone to follow their dreams when it's not you trying to feed a family of five by yourself cuz your husband doesn't have a "real job".
Lin has never made me feel bad about it. She's been almost overly supportive. There were times when I was down and wished she would let me have it for putting her in the situation.
I digress however.

My friend was extremely courteous to offer me the work & while I need the money. I want to make it on my own. I need to make it on my own.

I've known this guy for almost my entire life. Don't remember a time I didn't know him.
I can't thank him enough for the call it really helped & offering me work was above & beyond.

I had to email him a little while ago after talking to Lin & tell him it was probably not a good idea to share this particular client.

You may think I'm crazy, cuz I do need money but the catch in my craw is the fact that we both got assignments from this client.
The client knows that my buddy & I live in the same town & know each other.
They sent him a stack of designs cuz they like his style.
They sent me a few assignments cuz they like my style.
Since they know both our distinct styles I'm worried that if I do some of his, the client either won't like them cuz it's not the style they were looking for. Or they will know it want him & figure out its me instead & stop working with both of us.
Sounds paranoid but I once had a client stop using me & keep using a different friend of mine & it created some hard feelings & distrust. He thought I lost him the client & I thought/think he kiboshed me with them.
I know Wes wouldn't do that (back stab me) but if they did figure he was farming out they might stop using him & I would hate to lose a client for him.

Then I started thinking we could tell the client we were working together.

The problem my little O.C.D. brain came up with there is this.....

If we told them they might stop using us altogether cuz they might look at it as a trick. Like we planned it to double our work.
It's a big company so they could easily replace us.

If they didn't do that & they were fine with us working together. They would probably stop sending me work on my own cuz why bother if we are working together.
Then I would feel like a failure as a freelancer cuz I needed help from another artist to keep going.

I want to make it on my own & be self sufficient.

So now I feel bad for getting excited about working with him then backing out.
I feel bad about the situation from my earlier blog (which I deleted). The problem if you didn't read it is that I was told by my ex partner that a design we did together was not previously sold & I could update & change it & we could sell it. I did so & found out today from the people I sold it to that before my changes the original design was sold elsewhere. So I unwittingly plagiarized my ex partner.

So it's been a long day & I can't simmer down enough to go to bed.

I may be thinking too much into the situation & were it a different client I'd really like to work with my friend on something.

Anyway I appreciate him & his offer greatly.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. it's now 2:11 a.m.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Corrections Made

I hooked up with a new client a couple weeks ago and they are great thus far.

They asked for a Route 66 design and I submitted one.  They had some suggestions and I made some changes. Then got to re-submit with invoice.

So here is the before and After