Thursday, July 28, 2011


I like painting Pin Ups its fun and people seem to dig them. Here is the painting after I erased my sketch lines and painted it properly.

Finished design

Worked for a few days to get this where I wanted it. Not my subject matter but I wanted to do another pin up and this is where we went.
Its for Danny Mac Studios "Von Clutch" Line.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Blog

I added a new blog this time it's over at tumblr. Originally I wanted this blog which I have had for several years to be a little of everything,art, rants, religion and the like but the more art I posted and the more followers I got the more I realized that you as a reader are less interested in what I'm thinking than you are what I'm drawing.
So to that end I decided to give tumblr a shot..
Blogger won't let me have 2 blogs attached to the same addy so starting another one elsewhere was my only option.

Basically my tumblr will be only about religion so if that's your thing feel free to read it. If not no harm, I need to get this stuff out somewhere and in the mean time you can still enjoy my drawings and geek ramblings here.

With that said you can hop on over to to see the New blog. I haven't fancied it up yet so it's pretty plain but there are a few posts there all ready. Please if you have a tumblr follow that blog..

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Banana with a Mustache

Above is a Banana with a Mustache
My Grandpa had a tattoo. This tattoo on his forearm was that of a naked lady. It was blurry and green from being old and it wasn't that good of a tat to start with I imagine.
As a kid sitting on my Grandpa's lap I had obviously noticed it but from the angle I sat at it would have been upside down and thus to my child's mind I just thought it was a tattoo of a banana with a mustache. I never questioned why he would have a banana emblazoned on his arm or why it had that particular style facial hair but I stared at that thing and saw no other possibility.
I can't remember Gramp's tattoo enough to recreate it. I just remember thinking about it as a kid and wondering without wanting to ask why he got that crazy ink.

Friday, July 15, 2011

This Week B.C.

This week I've put together a few more designs for the client. They were finally wanting to get away from that Affliction-esque artwork and try some different stuff.
I like the faux applique look a lot and they seemed to really enjoy those 2 designs especially.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lessons Learned

Today was my 33rd birthday and unlike most of my birthdays I actually learned a few things that God willing will stick with me.

I learned not to put an emphasis on my birthday cuz it's just another day to everyone else.

You should never hint at what gift you want. Play the humble card and beat around the bush cuz you don't want to come right out and say what it is you want and you get stuck with something you never would have gotten yourself.

Money is a crappy gift. Gift cards are good cuz there is effort there but money including checks say to you " Hey this is the minimal effort I could possibly make, so here is the cash value of our relationship this year." it's like paying an annual due.

Firework tents are way more complicated to tear down than you think. So just don't do that if you van avoid it on your birthday. It's gonna eat up time and you are gonna be bushed.

People you didn't like in highschool are gonna say happy birthday to you on facebook and people you genuinely love are gonna forget to say happy birthday but they will however remember to make witty remarks about their day in general.

Do not expect people to remember the ONLY kind of cake you like. Cuz they won't and you are gonna get a huge icing rose full of nasty.

Your child's hug makes everything ok. Albeit only for a few minutes but it's a nice reprieve.

I'm sure I learned more crap but I'm tired and it's been a pretty heinous day. Here's hoping that this day doesn't foreshadow the next 364.

Thanks for reading.

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