Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Muscle Beach

Good example of how you can take two separate designs, combine them and sell it again. Total design time since the cars were all ready done 45 min.

1 More Car

Just got this last design done. I have one mor up my sleeve for this client. Really happy with this. I think it is my favorite of the last few months.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tell Em Steve Dave

So as you may or may not know I originally wanted to name my son Bat, Brodie Bruce Wayne Myers
Brodie Bruce (Mallrats) Bruce Wayne (Batman) Wayne Myers (my Grandpa) thus naming one kid after 3 people.

the character in Mallrats, Brodie Bruce was modeled after one of Kevin Smiths best friends. Walt Flanagan.
Walt played "fanboy" in several of Smiths movies including Mallrats and "Tell em Steve Dave" was his catch phrase.
Any way Walt (Fanboy) Flanagan and Bryan (Steve Dave) Johnson recently started their own, now wildly successful podcast.
In addition Walt has drawn 2 comic book mini series written by Bryan.
Then a couple years ago he drew a Batman mini for DC which was written by Smith. Last year they began their second series for DC called Batman the Widening Gyre.
walt is an amazing artist and I've really come to admire his art over the last couple series.
I've also listened and re-listened to all the podcasts.
Walts day job is running a comic shop called Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash in Redbank New Jersey.
Basically he lives a dream of mine. From running a comic shop to professionally drawing Batman.
so last week I wrote an email to Tell em Steve Dave. Just telling them that I love the podcast and asking a few questions.
Bryan answered my email shortly thereafter and didn't answer my questions right there but said that there was a letter answering all my questions and a couple goodies headed my way.

Well today I received the package and it contained the absolute nicest 2 page letter from Walt and the complete 7 issue run of Bryan and Walts comic series "War of the Undead" and Karney.
When I wrote I wasn't fishing for free stuff I just wanted to correspond with these guys.

It was just unbelievably nice of them to take the time to not only write but to send me the comics. They could have much easily just sent an email answering my questions but they went way above and beyond.

While I was already a fan I'm a fan for life now.

Thanks for Telling Me Steve Dave!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Change

So here is another change. Also a little insight to the process I deal with on a daily basis. I was contacted by my client. She wanted out doorsy designs with "Four Wheelers" or Dirt Bikes. So this is what I did.
Then I finally get a message telling me that they can't get it approved until I take out the ATV. So I took out the ATV biggified the truck and sent it back. This time it was met with almost instant acceptance.

I did over 50 designs for this company for PBR and around the 48th I was told that the one thing I was told had to be in all the designs was in fact not needed. Still haven't heard back on about 45 designs.

The thing was a small logo the company wanted added to all the PRB designs then after almost 50 my handler told me she loved my designs but wanted less with that logo.
As anyone who follows this blog knows, I was kinda burned out after 50 designs. I can easily remove the logo from the designs and make them pure PBR designs but I never got an answer on that.

You can go with this or you can go for that

So I did a Camaro job for Chevy and they loved the car but hated the font. I chose that font specifically because it was way different than I usually use.
Anyway they hated it so I changed it and they like it this way better so I'll be getting aid for this one soon.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Recent Revelations

Crazy short blog

I had a realization recently. Actually there have been a few but I'm only wanting to share least right now.

This is it..... People I thought have it together, don't.
One really bad idea is to follow on twitter anyone you want to look up to. I say this because I've made that mistake.
About the 7th time that person makes a definitive statement that totally contradicts the previous 6 you realize how little they pay attention to what they say and that they basically talk out their rear.


Its been a while since I blogged.

I've hada lot going on. My best friend and his girl friend were separated by her parents. She was sent to California to try and "get over" JB. This however only made them stronger. Her family in California that she was staying with supported her choice in JB and dropped her off in Iowa last week and JB went to get her. Since then they have been preparing to marry.
Sh did tell her parents and her mom lost what was left of her mind. Her Dad however is coming along slowly. Its been kinda taxing on everyone. Lin and I have given them as much support financial and other wise as we can. More than we can in some cases but they are my best friends and I have to help.
So I have had all that going on as well as my freelance doing really well. Results the company I used to work for doing art contacted me and wanted to use me on a freelance basis. They have been really keeping me busy.
Its basically really small jobs, but they are time consuming and only amount to about $100-$200 a week. Money we desperately need.
My friend Danny Mac has been keeping me busy with his website. Its almost ready to go live.
Speaking of web sites I may be picking up another website job. Even though I really don't like the work It pays great. Most people run about $1,500 a site and I am only charging $500 cuz I just can't really charge them a lot since my sites are so unbelievably simple.
Other than that its just about trying to be a Dad and a Husband. Not really knocking it out of the park on either of those places.
Plus there is still Blockbuster. I stay around 25 hours there. It just kinda stresses me out knowing that they may just fold at any time and I'll be out on the street.

So that is it. Brings you pretty near up to date.

Thanks for reading