Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Building a Website

Its kinda out of my element but a friend and fellow artist (actually the guy who taught me Ps) is trying to build a web presence and to start selling his art online. Thanks to another friend of mine, Eric Merced telling me about Rapid Weaver I am capable of doing just that.

So tonight I set out on the long task of building a website. I'v done this a couple times before once for my self and then a very rudimentary site for a client.

Its moving along quicker than I had expected, at least the common parts. However this is the first time I have built a store and it is crazy. So many details to remember. So many items too. We are starting out with 6 designs each with a Sticker (Cheap n Sticky) a Shirt, a Banner, a Signed Canvas Print and what we are calling a "Sinister Skin". A SinSkin for short, is a big sticker between 18 and 25 inches long, perfect for Toolboxes, car, trucks, fridges, pretty much anyplace you can get to. Printed on vehicle wrap vinyl and laminated guaranteed not to fade for 7 years in the sun. Each SinSkin will come with instruction on haw to apply. Which involves a heat gun or a blow torch. I prefer the torch but you really have to be careful that you don't scorch the laminant.

I digress, each design has so many products, and I have to compile all the info for the store so I can get them to ring up right. Its challenging and kinda fun, but this si only day one Lord knows how i'm going to feel about it in a few days.

Anyway thats what I've been up to and I will drop a link here in a few weeks when the site goes live on the web.
I'll probably be selling some stuff there myself.


Off Road

New Licensed Design

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cellular Limbo

I am an AT&T client and the reason I've stayed with them for as long as I have is because of the iPhone. That little item has revolutionized my life.
It helps me stay organized with its Calendar, and Apps like ToDo, Hours Tracker, and Note Life.
Hours Tracker is particularly indispensable to me these days cuz it not only keeps track of my hours but also invoices for me.
It keeps me connected to friends and family with texts and of course the phone feature.
It is a mini portfolio, to showcase my art.
Thanks to my iPhone, I have had a chance to actually have conversations with people I admire, like Kevin Smith and Todd McFarlane.
I made new friends, insanely talented people whom I never would have been able to form an actual friendship with.
People who encourage and push me in my art. People who give me advice when I hit a wall artistically or in life in general.
The camera is so nice that its gotten me to take more pictures. Family, friends, and just random weirdness like "tiny lady" or "Brake Smash". Because of my iPhone I captured great pics and video of Stryper and MeWithoutYou.
Lets not forget entertainment. From videos to movies, tv shows, music audiobooks and the 121 apps I have in my iTunes Library.

I have had an iPhone since Generation 1. I was told by the local AT&T that I was 1 of only 3 people in town to have one for quite a while.
I have had breaks at times. Money has gotten tight and I've had to sell it and rebuy one later. I've ever so briefly switched carriers only to find myself lost and drawn back to the AT&T and my beloved iPhone

Now I am at the beginning of around a 2-3 week dry spell. Apple started presales of iPhone 4 on the 15th of June and by the 16th they were out of stock.
I finally got one ordered on the 17th but I had to order it thru Apple instead of AT&T. The only way I could afford it was to sell my current iPhone 3Gs.
So thats what I did. It took 3 listings on eBay to finally sell it but sell it I did. So this morning I shipped it off to Ontario Canada to its new proud owner.

My new iPhone 4 is scheduled to ship on July 14th with an expected Delivery date of July 15-20th.

So in the mean time I am using my sisters old Moto V235. This particular phone has zero bells and whistles and I seriously doubt that I use it much. I figure I'll just leave it in the truck in case of an emergency. Its not the kind of phone I can really do anything with other than talk. Not that that isn't an miricle of science that I am in awe of cuz it is. I mean here is a little box that I can contact anyone anywhere and i can carry it in my pocket everywhere I go.
So it is amazing, but it is jus UnderWhelming after using the iphone since 2007.

So im excited to get my new phone but the surprising thing is besides missing the iphone for the things it does for me I'm finding myself really enjoying the fact that no one knows I have my sisters phone so no one calls. Of course my Mom, Sister, Wife, Jaybles and Sweet T knows but no one at work has a clue. So there isn't any chance that they will call me in early or on a day off and that is great. I guess thats the bright side of it.

Anyway, i'm sad and anxious all at once because I went from this.....


Set Up to Fail

Without my iPhone I find myself without the outlet I normally have to put my random nonsense out there.
I've been thinking about this for a few days now and it seems to me that M. Night Shyamalans's new movie was made to fail.
First off he put out "Lady in the Water" that didn't do very well. Poor enough in fact that Disney opted out of his next film. The amazingly poorly reviewed "The Happening".
This forced him to make a more mainstream movie, one that he didn't write in order to get his status back to where it used to be.
Coming off Signs there was a huge head of steam and LitW just didn't deliver.

With Disney and Shyamalan parting ways and the Last Air Bender being a pretty high end property he had the freedom he wanted and an established universe to draw from.

So here we are, the Monday before the release of the Last Air Bender. A movie I really want to see and I just cant see it making its money back. Thanks to a hefty effect budget, a large marketing campaign and 3D Conversion a process that if anything hurt Clash of the Titans this film tops the scale at over 218 million dollars.
Not too much to expect for a licensed property film durring the summer. Then for reasons, that are beyond me the movie is scheduled to be released 1 day after the Twilight Saga: Elipse. A movie that all ready has people camping out and its still 3 days away.
Not to mention its being released in 2D a lot of places due to the lack of digital projectors in modern theaters.
The theaters that do have 3D capabilities will continue running Toy Story 3 in their digital auditorium. Disney is adamant that Toy Story stay in 3D rather than going flat to make way for the Last Air Bender. Seeing as they passed on Shyamalan's last 2 films, you know they won't make it easy for theaters that do want to go flat. Trust me on that, when I ran a theatre for 4 years I learned just how petty and weird studios can be about house guarantees.
Finally lets not forget that NATO (National Association of Theatre Owners) is reporting box office is down by 7% all ready this year.
It just seems like poor M Night has a lot going against him right now, and I cant shake the feeling that its been orchestrated for some reason for him to fail.
Surely the powers that be know that the Last Air Bender can't compete with a Twilight film.

it just blows my mind and I thought I'd share


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fliers for Say You Swear

Fliers for my friends bands East Coast Tour. As you can tell by 2 of the posters, at one point not only was I unaware that it was an East Coast tour I was also not informed that he now has a full band. Great music though. You can check them out on iTunes

FOILed Again,.......again

4 designs with foil in mind

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Here is 3 of my latest sketch cards. I inked these with a brush pen and I have to say im a pretty big fan of those. A couple friends had recommended them but I put off using one until just recently because I was kinda dreading getting used to them.
Now that I've used it(and I know I need a whole lot of practice) I can't imagine using anything else.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

(In)Security and Investigations LLC

So tonight I go into Walmart for a minute to pick up a couple things and on my way in I pass this vehicle. I laughed out loud because it reminded me of those de-motivational poster you see around on the internet. One in particular is a really crappy beat up old van with "FREE CANDY" painted on the side and the caption is "Go ahead dude, it looks legit"
It just struck me as funny that a "security and Investigations" company would have in thier fleet such a beater and that they would advertise on it. Not to mention there wasn't even a phone number.
So I decided to take out my phone and take a pic.
That when, to my shock I heard some guy yell "Hey, hey why are you takin' a picture of my truck"?
I didn't see the guy at the time cuz I was focused on the truck so I said "For fun".
again he yelled "Why you takin a picture of my truck"?
This time however I had finished taking the picture you see below and I was putting my phone away, and I saw he was talking to me from the other side of the truck thru the open windows.
again I answered his question with "For Fun" making sure to slow it down and emphasize it.
He didn't seem pleased and he said "Did I give you permission"? to which I replied as I rounded the corner "You didn't have to cuz its parked in public"?
I walked into the store and I was in the frozen pizza aisle when I saw the guy walk past. Struck me as odd because he was leaving when I got there.
Then as I picked up a couple more things I saw him talking to the security guard and a female manager by the front door. I went around to the check out and the lady and the security guard were alone and staring at me. The lady turned kinda sideways and was on her walkie.
I paid approached the doors and they didn't say anything.
I left, and as I got outside there was a cartpusher who watched me walk to my truck. On the way to the truck I passed the guy in the lot with the lady he was with and some other guy. She was on the phone irrate about something.
So I climb in my truck and his friend ducks down and runs behind my truck kinda hunched down behind another vehicle.
Kinda made me paranoid but not for any good reason. Just weird.