Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3 Designs and a Question

Got 3 designs done last night. Not necessarily my best work but its getting harder to stay within the box they have put me in and still do creative visually appealing stuff. Im currently working on my 39th piece for them.
I did so much last night because I wanted to write them today and inquire about my latest invoice. Its been 8 weeks since I received payment and I don't want to be "that" guy but the money would help

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kevin Smith

So previously in my blog I posted a pic of Kevin Smith I drew. I posted it later on Twitter to him and got the following response from Mr Smith

Via @Alan_Myers "you screaming Diplomatic Immunity " Am I standing on any plastic? (Thanks, man!)

More BoyCows

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Brand Thru the Years

I was thinking last night about all the various logo's and designs I have done for myself since High School. Here is a rundown. this was my first e-mail address. I lost it years ago. I wanted something that was funny (at least to me). My mom has a cat named Toby and I used to put an old pink house shoe on my hand and fight with the cat. just play around and the shoe protected me from his claws. I'd bring out the "pink fuzzy shoe of death" and he knew it was on.

My second e-mail address was I had switched from Yahoo to Excite and I wanted something that was actually exciting. I couldn't think of anything more so than a clown on fire.

Thru my skateboarding years which started late in my life and only got to last about 6-8 years. I stopped skating after we had kids and I realized I could really hurt myself and do serious damage. Damage that might quite literally cripple me. I was never the "safe" guy. When I skated it was all about the biggest hill. I liked to get towed behind cars to certains speeds then whip past them and bomb. I took many, many horrendous falls durring these years but I had a blast. For those years I went by back to yahoo. turned out there was all ready a new jack so I picked the number 9300 which stood for the day I bought my first board. September 3 2000.

I finally got a job doing art! Thanks to my friend Stew I got a job working at a t-shirt shop in Lebanon. I was hired in the screen room but with the understanding that I was going to get to do art eventually.
Its so bizarre to think back on and realize I had never at that point used photoshop. All the computer art I had done which embarrassingly enough was in my portfolio was done in MS Paint. Other than that it was all pencil and ink and not good either.
However I met Danny McCarthy who became my mentor and still to this day helps me out with Ps questions when I have them. Danny allowed me to come over once a week for a few months and train on his Mac. It was durring that time that I got my first Mac (the dome top swivel monitor iMac). Danny continued to train me and in time I was allowed to bring my mac to work and pulled from the screen room into the Art Room.
I loved working there doing that and learning the ins and outs of screen printing. Danny who is very business minded convinced me to start my own personal company for tax reasons. After playing with a ton of possible handles I settled on Kid Icthus Designs.
I stayed Kid Icthus and actually got some freelance work in town and a few jobs for national companies.
It was shortly after I got my first real paycheck from a freelance job ($900) and I started working at the theatre here in town part time.
I stayed on to become the manager there and just never had time for art. I felt horrible about that and I sold my Mac (G4 Tower) to Stew rather than have to look at it everyday and realize that I'm no longer a professional artist.
My mentor was upset that I quit the old job with him and we kinda lost touch for a while.
I remained Kid Icthus online for a while until someone that hated me but had no creativity of his own started using the handle Kidd Icthus. The extra D was his idea of creativity.
He even bought the domain name I guess so I couldn't.
Kind did take the fun out of the name and it kind of embarrassed me again knowing that for a while I was doing what I always wanted to do and then I stopped so completely.
Logo was a nod to my first child and the fact that I wanted everything I do to reflect Christ

I became the One Man Crusade. it was my attempt to reinvent myself and get back to art. this logo became to this day one of my very favorite logos. I love playing around with stylized stick people.
I still didn't get much done. I was getting my Ps chops back by using Ps on my moms PC on Sunday afternoons.
This handle didn't last long.

I started trying to get my spiritual life back in line at this point. Which was shortly before I left the theatre.
I was writing religious poetry, and my best friend and musician was helping me set a few of them to music which was cool. He got way into his band and then subsequent bands and I kinda stopped writing cuz it seemed pointless if I was the only one who was going to see it.
This logo the "HeartDrop" was something I was sketching a lot at the time and I really liked it.
That is also where I started my first Blogger Blog.
I found Blogger thanks to Stryper, my favorite band ever. They were having a contest for album covers and I ran a search trying to see what my competition was and I came across Tim Baron's Blog and subsequently Tim's Website thought it was crazy cool.
I started For the Love of the Blood: the art and mind of Alan Myers to keep track of Tm and try to interact with him. He was one of the guys that got me motivated to make some art again.
I discovered Eric Merced's blog thru there too and I wanted desperately to interact with these to really cool really great artists.

After leaving the theatre and buying my Mac Book. I decided it was now or never to get back into art. I got offered my old job as an artist back at the screen print shop and honed my skills while looking for freelance clients.
That job lasted about a year before I was moved to another dept under the worlds worst boss and we parted ways.
Eric Merced convinced me to start a website because his was amazing and to stop calling myself by "handles" and start using my name. was taken so I used my middle name as well.
Eric walked me thru and Godfathered my first website. Even went so far as to take the file and re-layout some things.
That is when I started
I kept the Heartdrop in my original header and on my business cards but it went thru some changes and became a more sketched looking element.

Recently I overhauled my site and went back to the "stickflip" logo I loved so much. Since I first created it this thing has been sketched almost everywhere I could. Entire pages of my sketchbook dedicated to this little guy.
I wanted to change it from the Kid Icthus logo so I dropped the Icthus (Jesus fish) and revamped it making the dimensions a little more pleasing and accurate.
That is pretty much where I am at.
Thanks to some advice I have decided to brand myself as Alan Wayne Myers for good no more screen names or weird company names.
I am Alan Wayne Myers, Artist.

Well thanks for reading all this if in fact you did, and Thanks Tim & Eric make sure you check out their sites.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not My First Rodeo

Diplomatic Immunity

Ok this was inspired by Kevin Smith's "Smodcast" and Lethal Weapon 2.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Countryboy 12

I worrying that I'm starting to crank out the exact same thing over and over.

Countryboy 11

Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

True Life: I'm Ex-Amish Followed by a Rant

Tonight I got to watch an episode of True Life on MTV called I'm Ex Amish.

I found myself getting really sad during this hour long episode. The youths, ages 18-25 were raised in strict Amish homes and decided to leave because they were at odds with the lifestyle.

Each were sorta shunned by their families. I say sorta because they still talked to them, just not as much. They also went home several times. Except the lady, Torah who moved several states away. The other 2 gents were home quite frequently but had to put up with the families constant pressure to come back to the fold.

I wasn't sad for the reason you might think. It wasn't the shunning that bothered me at all. It was the attitude of the kids that got my goat.

2 of the 3 youths left because they wanted more freedom. The other left and came back because of an abusive father. Lets set him aside because its the other 2 that I want to rant about.

They wanted more freedom, one was 15 when she ran away, and lets face it at 15 none of us knew anything about anything but thought we knew it all. She runs away and they don't really discuss the years before college but now she finds herself a in NY in college. She is foul mouthed, drinks, has no respect for her parents. She complains 4 times in the show that her parents don't respect her. She says they don't respect her because they are not ok with her lifestyle. I don't blame them. They are Amish! They raised her Amish and believe with all their hearts that she is doomed to Hell if she doesn't return to the fold. Her dad even says it would be better if she was at least a follower of Christ but she isn't.
My children are being raised Christian if in time they lose that and decide to become atheists or Catholic or any other religion I will do everything in my power to try and talk them back into the path.
As a Christian thats our job. Its supposed to go further than just family. We are supposed to try and convince/convert as many as we can related or not.
I couldn't "respect" my children if they turned into worldly people who flaunt their lack of belief in front of me.
I have no reason to respect that decision. Same as I would have no reason to respect their decision to kill or rob someone.

I've strayed from the path myself for a while and recently I've had a loved one go way out on her own. We tried to talk to her but she just decided that her way was best. Now she has to live with that decision.

At the very end of the show the young lady had a grandmother die. Her dad said that he would pay her way to fly down if she wanted to attend the funeral but wouldn't pay her way back to NY. The last thing they wrote about Torah was that she was upset with her dad for not paying her way to and from the funeral (this includes airfare) and that she felt disrespected and hasn't talked to her dad since.
That is bunk. He's Amish and you ran away, why should he pay your airfare? It's not like the Amish are rolling in money. It just doesn't make any sense.

She is not looking for respect she is wanting them to tell her its ok to live your life any way you want cuz in the end as long as you are a good person then you are going to be ok.
She is wanting basically to spit in the face of those who raised her because she thinks she is smarter than them.
Let me tell you, the Amish may take things too far but they are a hardworking big hearted people.

The world can give you a lot of things but it can never give you a second family. You botch that up because you completely blame them for your life not being as sinful and worldly as every one else "gets" to be and you don't deserve their respect.

Who do you respect more, someone who lives a hard life but ultimately has a great family life or someone that chooses the party lifestyle and freedom. Freedom to conform.

Go out, get your hair dyed and wear your short skirts, sleep around, eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow your life may be required of you and when that time comes and you face Judgement (and make no mistake believer and non believer alike WILL FACE GOD) will your lack of faith do you any good.

I've seen someone raised in the faith turn and decide that the Bible is out dated. Decide that its fine to sleep with their boyfriend. Get on birth control and take charge of their own life.
What scares me most in a situation like that is how easy it is to find people who will take you in because it makes them feel better.
We all know those people who go out and live unfruitful lives, those who may go to church on a Sunday morning occasionally but in everyday life does what feels good and figure that God will be ok with them. They check "Christian" on their facebook profile or put down the Bible as one of their favorite books. Because it looks good.
Those people see a firm believer slip and instantly start to poison them with the "feel good" gospel. "God doesn't care if you go party". "God is fine with premarital sex". "God knows you believe in him and thats all that matters" You don't hurt anyone, right? Then its fine"
Sometimes even the old "All religions are a path to God" line. It's bunk.

They want others to do what they do, to bring them to an equal level so they don't feel bad about the life they live which they no deep down is not the life God wants for a Christian. They seek to murder the conscience.

They buddy up to the fallen, they befriend and run down the way that person used to live, making jokes about it. The fallen then tells more stories to the new friend about the life they used to live. Because they know it will paint the family in a poor light. All the while getting encouragement from thier new friends for making the step in this new direction. A direction of freedom.

Hell is filled with free men.

I'm not saying I'm perfect or even a good person. Far from it but there isn't 1 day, not one that I don't lay my head on my pillow at night and pray for forgiveness and a better tomorrow. Not financially or for a better turn of luck but for a better walk.
I fear NOTHING more than a day I fall asleep without caring if the next day keeps me on the path. I fear that more than Hell itself because on that day, I have all ready lost and Hell will greet me with open arms and say to me "God doesn't care if you go party". "God is fine with premarital sex". "God knows you believe in him and thats all that matters" You don't hurt anyone, right? Then its fine" "All religions are a path to God"

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Website

I redid my website a couple days ago and I am pretty happy with it. I took off a few things I didn't need around and added more illustrations.

My mentor and good friend is building us a shop to work from and he really wants to start selling his work online. So I may be his paid lackey for a while too. He thinks he will have a lot of e-mail and orders to fill. His style and passion is lovingly referred to as Garage Art. Pin-ups and the like but the guy took the time to teach me the ins and outs of Ps so i'm along for the ride.
I'll probably be making a few prints myself even if its just for my house.

Along that vein I hope to train someone myself soon. I found a candidate and he seems to really want to learn. There is always the thought that you are training your competition when you take on a student but if someone hadn't taken me on i'd still be filling up sketchbooks with no outlet.
Kinda went off on a tangent there. The point is my site is up and running go check it out.

Thanks, and God Bless



So back in the 90's an Australian band was on the radio a lot with the song Bizarre Love Triangle a cover of the New Order's 1986 release.
I loved that song and had started working my first job as a bagger at a grocery store. So on one of my trips to spend my disposable income I bought both Frente's Marvin the Album and Hootie and the Blowfish's Cracked Rear View. The latter I listened to maybe 4 times before casting it aside. Frente's album however was amazing beginning to end. However most the songs were so different from their successful single B.L.T. that their stay on the american charts was short lived. 2 more songs off that album Accidentally Kelly Street and Ordinary Angels had minimal MTV and radio play. Both were met with little fanfare and the band released 1 more full album titled Shape in the states. They lasted a few more years in their native Australia and then broke up.

I loved their music, I had all their albums. this was before the internet was what it is now. Back then you had what we all call the internet now but it was double what you pay now and your only other alternative was an all text version of it.
So needless to say I didn't know much about the band itself.

I don't know what took me so long but one day last week it occurred to me that the lead singer of Frente, Angie Hart might still be making music. Since her amazing voice and accent was the thing that made me so wild for that band I looked into it. Sure enough Angie has had several solo projects and a couple collaborations with other artists. I downloaded her 2 solo cd's from iTunes and she is as amazing as ever.

I'll embed the video for Bizarre Love Triangle below and if you like it you should really check out Angie Hart's website and Itunes for more by her and Frente.

So Far. So Good?

Got an e-mail this morning. My handler loved the "Black Flag" design and said she was going to be looking over everything I have submitted for this project. I decided to make it easier on her by putting this together. It is everything that hasn't been turned down or bought all ready.
Thought I'd Share it with y'all too.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rip Shirt

Black Flag

Joel 4 Ever

My best friends girlfriend has a brother named Joel and one night we were all watching a movie together and I was bugging him a lot. Just kidding around. After that every time I talked to JB and he was with Olivia I would have her say hi to Joel for me.

Anyway I did this pic to show him how much I care and enjoyed our time together. My understanding is he actually thought for a minute that I got this tattoo. Which is a pretty good compliment in my opinion.

The sad foot note is that for realism I shaved that part of my leg and you can't even tell in the pic. Now I'm itchy for no reason.

Thanks, Grimes family for not getting a restraining order (yet)

Edward Cullen

Bored one night so I sketched Edward. Inked and colored in photoshop a few days later.