Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Friend the Jack-O-Lantern

My Friend has a musical project called "Hooper" and it's basically horror stories set to music.
This piece is inspired by and produced for Hooper

Saturday, October 17, 2009

To the Maxx

I'm trying out Blogpress on my iPod. I did this sketch last night in Sketchbook Mobile.

-- Post From My iPhone

Friday, October 16, 2009

Say Hi to Ardi

from THIS to THIS

So I was as intrigued as anyone to see the Discovery Channel program "Discovering Ardi". I recorded the show and got a chance to watch it today.
Here are a few of the problems I have with their "science"
Firstly they didn't find a complete skeleton which is where we find ourselves with a lot of these missing links. Not that they are calling Ardi a missing link because they are not. More on that later.
What was found was half a skull, by volume mind you, it was not even close to being intact. 2 vertebrae, a partial hip 1 partial femur, neither upper arm, 1 tibia, 1 and a half fibula and a handful of feet and hand bones. All from the same plot of land and possibly from over 17 of these Ardi's. The bones were way to spread out to be positive they came from the same body. Although it is very likely the same species.
So from there the team of scientists completely made up how the skeleton, musculature and appearance of Ardi had to be.
There is no possible way to know 100% how the spine, hip and legs of this creature fit together and worked. Let alone how it looked while living.
That doesn't stop science from claiming this to be the biggest evolutionary discovery in recent times.
Lets look at a few of the others from the "Evolution Hall of Fame".
How about Nebraska Man? This was a scientific discovery in 1922. A tooth was found that resembled a human tooth only bigger. Science immediately claimed this the link between man and chimp. Drawings were made and papers written on this amazing new find. That was until an identical tooth was found in the jawbone of a wild pig.
Orce Man- a bone fragment found in near the town of Orce in Spain in 1982 postulated to be a cranium bone of a 17 year old man that lived 1 million years ago. For 2 years it was studied and finally a symposium was arranged to talk about the discovery and the implications. In 84 however shortly before the symposium it was finally announced that the bone most likely came from a baby donkey. Since then Orce man has been pretty much ignored.
Finally Piltdown man, I know this one was a deliberate hoax but its worth mentioning because it fooled so many for so long. In 1912 Charles Dawson came forward with fragments of bone that was allegedly given to him by workers from the piltdown gravel pit. It wasn't actually completely disproved once and for all in 1953. That's 41 years to prove that it was a hoax.
Those illustrations completely leave out the non "humanoid" failures of evolution. Which I'm not going into in this blog.
The point is Science is now positive that this Adri is the oldest ancestor to man ever found. Just imagine with computer generated graphics and a handful of bones what science can be sure of tomorrow. Its sooooo exciting isn't it.
Discovery was very clear in the fact that Ardi is NOT he missing link. Ardi is not an ape and not a human he is something else. Over the course of the show they try to convince you that, that something is in fact our ancestor.
Could it not be just another extinct animal?
Could it not be just a fluke, a mutant of some sort? I mean there is only one of them "found".
1 skeleton does not necessarily prove a species does it?
Or even just a mistake of super eager modern science that is so excited to get their newest paper posted on their moms fridge that they created dots to connect so they could have a full "creation"?
Just something to think about. It seems to me just as likely as assuming that this species evolved into a higher form and all we got was less than a third by volume of a skeleton.
How about this as a theory?
God created the Heavens and the Earth and all its critters. Over time lets say no more than 10,000 years at absolute tops some species died off. At least science has observed that phenomenon.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Stryper @ The House of Blues Chicago 10/4/09

As most of you already know I got the chance of a lifetime this week. I was able to catch Stryper on their 25th anniversary tour in Chicago. It is very unlike me to travel but at the time they had no Missouri shows booked and I couldn't risk missing them. My best friend agreed to go with me and stay at the apartment of another of our friend whom I had been wanting to visit anyway.

We had VIP tickets so we got to meet the band and attend the sound check.

I took a ridiculous amount of pics and obviously could only post some here.

It was an amazing few days in Chicago with my friends. I'll make another post tomorrow about the rest of the trip. It was the best non-family related day of my life.

Sketchbook Mobile

I have played with several painting apps on my iPhone and never really used them a whole lot. That is until someone directed me to Sketchbook Mobile. Here lately I find myself playing with this app more than any of the others. Here are a few of my "finger paintings" all done on my iPhone with Sketchbook Mobile.

Random Cowboy




Science as a Religion

So I watched "the Universe" on Discovery last night and it always amazes me to see the hubris involved in so called science.
The fact that there are so many theories and prominent scientists, leaders in their fields that disagree on so many "facts".
Theoretical Physicists are among my favorite. Last night they were talking about Strange Matter. Strange matter is a theory and some scientist swear is true and others swear is not. The ones who believe in it give examples of why it is so, even though it can't be proved. They can not be swayed by the arguments against it.
Those same scientists "know" beyond a shadow of a doubt that God does not exist. How is their belief in Strange Matter, String Theory or Multiverses any different than my belief in God.
I am convinced by what I, and some scientists believe is evidence for the existence of God. Some of my favorite evidence is universal fine tuning which to me is very intriguing. I can't subscribe to Richard Dawkins favorite "explanation" of fine tuning which paraphrased is this: "there are millions and billions of parallel universes where things are like or slightly different from our reality. With that being the possible case, then we just happen to find ourselves living in one of those billions of realities where things turned out perfect for life as we know it. With the infinite amount of possible universes the chances that at least one (ours) would wind up like this, are quite good."
In order to believe that you have to subscribe to theories including but not limited to string and multiverse, which can not be proved or disproved.
Science can not prove or disprove God. At best it can give us a god theory. Much like the theories listed above that can neither be proved or disproved.
I of course believe god to be the Christian God. Author Sam Harris has posed the question however, "How would proving there is a god prove the existence of the Christian God?" Well if science were to ever prove that a god exists then we could immediately get rid atheism, agnosticism and all non monotheistic religions, i.e. Greek gods, Egyptian religions & most eastern religions as well would be eliminated. From there armed with the fact that there is a god, I believe it wouldn't take long to narrow that god down to Judaism's God which would lead to Christianity. That is a blog for another day however.
Back to my point which is starting to get muddied. Science is a religion, Its followers are fanatical in their beliefs & it has devotees that disagree on the major tenets of some of its most important facts. For instance contrary to popular belief there are scientists who believe evolution is ridiculous. Evolution cannot be proven! Science will plug as many holes in the dam of evolution to keep their religion going.
For every string theorist or evolution advocate there is, there exists an equally qualified scientist that disagrees and has "proof" of his theories. The only thing missing is tax exempt status (something I wholeheartedly dis agree with in current religion "render to Cesar" and all that).
Science is a religion. I believe that the science lost its way years ago from trying to figure out how Gods universal laws work. To trying to figure out how to get rid of God.
That is the current trend. Science has convinced itself that God does not exist and now must make up a mythology to support this.
I stare at a painting and I marvel at what the image looks like not what kind of paint was used. I know that the paint was put on the canvas by an artist and he has given me just as much information as I need to enjoy the painting. Further scrutinizing of the painting, how many layers, or strokes, what kind of brushes, how long it took or exactly how it was done might give me better knowledge of the artist and his technique strengthening our relationship. However questioning the artist at length daring him to prove he painted it and trying to get him to repeat the piece in front of you so you might be able to recreate it yourself, will only lead to the artist distancing himself from you. Leaving only you and your shoddy attempt to capture the brilliance of the original.
It can't be done, no knock off is ever as good as the original because the original captured that one moment in history when muse met master and beauty sprang from nothing but the image in his mind.
Science wants to break down the natural world to rules to try and improve on what is perfect. Without the shadows we can't appreciate the light. Without sickness there is no gratefulness for health.
Science is a religion, one like Islam which intends to take the base of what is all ready there and build a perversion that will lead the masses to a false god. One of their own design. A god that exists by not existing.

Personal Rant

I have to get this out of my system.
I'm poor, I have squared myself with that. Last night I received a letter from the people that hold the note on my wife's car. I am 20 days late making that payment. I have very little money and if I plan for my kids to eat then my money sure isn't going to them.
I started getting the idea though that perhaps I should call the bank and assure them I would be paying what I owe but it wouldn't be until the 20th of this month when I will pay both this and last months total. This is the second time I have done this with a Bank and I assure you this will be the last.
I called gave them my info, and they asked how I would be paying. I told them that was why I was calling. We get paid on the 20th, and I will be paying last month and this month then.
That is when I was told that is "unacceptable" and they would need a payment immediately. I explained I had no money and the lady actually said "Sir, are you sure you can afford that vehicle?" Something she would go on to say several times over the next 10 minutes.
I told her I thought so, because I'll be paying on the 20th. Again with the "can you afford this" bit.
Then she went into "Chase was kind enough to give you a vehicle loan and I have been late paying 4 times in the last year, it appears that you do not care about your credit".
This is where I started getting curt with her, I explained that I am going thru a debt consolidation and my credit is all ready smashed so credit threats and guilt are not going to work. The government spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 BILLION dollars to bailout banks. I on the other hand am trying to do things myself, fairly without filing bankruptcy and running out on my responsibilities.
Anyway, I told her "I'm sorry if this sounds rude but here is what is going to happen. I am going to pay what I owe on the 20th, Not a day sooner. So the bank can either accept that as fact and rest comfortably knowing that the money is going to come. Or stick it, Those are your choices."
That's when she said all right, good day and hung up.
It seem banks would rather not know if they are going to get paid or not.
I find it infinitely annoying that they should get bailed out and then come after some one who always pays. I have been behind on payments but never not paid. 3 years I have had that car and 3 years they have gotten their money and they still revert to guilt and threats.
Thanks for listening, that was therapeutic


Random Sketches from the Past

Here are a bunch of random things I found in old sketchbooks and I wanted to share.

Phantom Carryout

When I was 17 I got my first job as a carryout at the local grocery store. It wasn't long after that I created my first real character. I drew this guy nearly constantly for about 5 years but never really did anything with him.
I still am really attached to him for some reason even though its been so long since I drew him. Most of these were done in the late 90's.
I never could decide if he would have powers or not. Since his design was based on me and I always wanted powers that seemed like the way to go. however with my attachment to Batman I wanted to make him like that too.
The story was this..... On a stormy night while running his namebadge thru the machine to clock in the system was hit by lightning. Giving him electric based powers. Only worked when he clocked in. So sometimes he would be normal at first. Eventually a guardian angel was going to help him build a machine to keep him juiced to fight crime.


So I had a coworker bring up religion today.
He said that he knew a lady who was uber religious and he used to argue with her because she believed that Jesus was the only way to heaven and that doesn't make sense.
His reasoning was that Christianity is a relatively young religion. It couldnt possibly be the only right one because all the others are so much older.
He could tell I was kind of taken back by what he was saying because he qualified it with "I'm a Christian too so I don't mean anything bad by it but c'mon"
It fascinated me to hear a man who could claim Christianity not believe Jesus was "it". The only right way. Especially with such an ignorant reason as the age of Christianity.
How can you know so little about your supposed religion as to not know what its about, or at least not peace together that Christianity is an extension of Judaism which is old as it gets.
He said you are ususally the religion you were raised as and it doesnt make sense that there could be only one right way because then God would essentially be sending people to Hell who didn't really have a choice.
Anyway that just blew my mind. Maybe it wouldn't have been as bad if the guy was an atheist or something but to say "I'm a Christian".
I really try not to talk to much about religion. It's not because I am weak in my beliefs but because I have a tendency to start going down the rabbit hole into theories. Such as various deities from history could have easily been fallen angels/demons that were just trying to confound and confuse man.
For instance the 'visions" of Muhammad could have been demonic in nature. Demons are/were angels so it woldn't be hard for one to show up and claim to have something to tell you or show you and you would be inclined to believe them.
Or Joseph Smith, some Christians believe he just made up the story of being visited by Moroni. I could see that a Demon disguised as a an Angel could easily confuse someone not grounded in the word and lead him down the wrong path.
I could and do go on for hours on end about this stuff and that is why I keep it short when I talk about religion.
So for the most part I try and leave it at the fact that I am a Christian, I believe the Bible is both the true word of God and is quite litteral. Most of all I believe Jesus is the living son of God and there is no hope without or beyond him.
Anyway I had to rant.


Really Quick Superman

Another Batman Sketch

Ryuk the Shinigami

The Angel Of Death Came to Davids Room


I've really been enjoying getting back to my roots and just quickly sketching things and coloring them. These sketches are not finished drawings at all. Very loose, just fun to do. Recently I've gotten to reliant on photo based work.
Still working on my comic too but more about that later.



Last night I got to preview 3 movies with my best friend at the theatre I used to manage. He still works there and he is allowed 1 guest at previews.
When I was the manager I know now that I took things too personal. It was pre OCD med and I loved the place. I spent between 55-65 hours a week there. I worked all but 2 Sat and 1 Friday the 4 years I was there. I had a booth manager but i still did most of the maintenance. I cant stress enough how much I was there or how much I loved the place. I can say taht my longest shift to date was 32 hours straight no break. Worked a shift, built movies and ran them thruthat night because its policy and then worked an entire shift the next day.
My downfall was the absolute tool we had for a District Manager. He used to manage that theatre and his district office was there. So I saw him all the time and he never tried to hide the fact that he wanted to manage a theatre again but didn't want to take the pay cut. He micromanaged everything I did. It was a nightmare but I loved my job so I stuck with it.
Eventually his being a huge d-bag and also the birth of my 3rd child caused me to leave the place. With a healthy severance package. Something that is unheard of around there. I only got it because I went to my DM's boss and tried to stop my DM's harassment. They knew he was wrong so they bought me off.
Anyway, I was nervous about last night at first because it would be my first time there after hours since my resignation. it was bitter sweet. I started really missing the place and was really feeling bad until finally someone out of the blue started telling me how things were now and it really helped me say good bye to that part of my life.
Things have continued down the path the home office was starting around the time I left and employee morale is low. Its just a job to these new people.
The D.M. has gotten worse according to the staff. Its just not the same and I know if I hadn't left I would be miserable.
So not only did I get to preview I got to properly and without regret say goodbye to that life.
I'll always fondly remember my time there and who knows where freelance and Blockbuster will take me but Im happy, I get to see my family and Im provided for.
Praise God for all he's done and all he has planned despite my faults.

Pencil Sketch

Its very seldom that I post a pencil sketch. My stuff just doesn't feel right unless I've finished it in Ps but here is a quicky of the Crow I did a while ago that I still like.

The Rocketeer!

Batman Again

Watching Harpers Island and Sketching out came this



Green Lantern

Been obsessed with Green Lantern since I heard they finally got the part cast. I loved this character growing up. Anyway here is a little something I did.

iPhone Rant

Ok, I went to Best Buy Monday before last and they had iPhone 3g s in stock. I wanted one but I did have an iphone 3g and I loved it so I couldn't bring myself to buy it.
The following Sunday (July 5th) was my birthday and I decided that I would try and sell my iPhone on E-bay and buy the 3G s.
I put mine on a 1 day auction and immediately started getting bids. I was pretty stoked so I went to Springfield 54 miles away, walked into Best Buy to find out they were out.
I tried every local outlet I could but there were none to be had. I was looking for the 32gig White iPhone and apparently its the popular one.
So I ordered it from Apple. I paid a little extra for 2 day shipping just to find out on the second to last page of my order that it may not ship for 5-7 business days. 5-7? Really? Apple is a massive company and they cant get a product out for 5-7 days.
Well since my phone was on a 1 day auction I had to mail it off last Monday. I borrowed an old flip phone from my sister Carrie but i'm going crazy not having an iPhone.
I know I risk coming off sounding spoiled but I bought one a long time ago when they first came out and I had a really good job and now I am hooked.
That thing runs my life. the calendar is amazing and syncs wirelessly with my laptop. The phone is amazing and coverage in my area is top shelf. I have a Bible app which is stunning. There are all my social contacts, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and others.All my e-mail accounts in one place. Oh and as silly as it sounds there is the notebook app. that thing is indispensable. Finally there is the iPod function. I listen to audiobooks almost exclusively and that thing can hold tons and I only had the 16gig before.
So now here I am sitting at my Mac at 12:33 am thinking how sad it is that I probably won't have it til Wed or Thurs. I just can't wrap my mind around it taking that long for something that vital.
Soon though I will be reunited with my phone and together we will be happy forever..........or until the next generation is released.
Curse you Apple!

Green Lantern

Really quick photo manipulation of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. Next to Batman, G.L. has been my favorite D.C. Character for years. It was the "Coast City Crisis" that sucked me back into comics in the late 90's. Read today that three actors are up for Green Lantern. Bradley Cooper from "The Hangover", Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds. In my opinion Bradley or Reynolds would be great.
Timberlake I'm sure would do fine, Alpha Dog helped me over my prejudice against him.
Ryan Reynolds is just amazing though. I think he could do the cocky test pilot part of the Hal Jordan role to a T.
Anyway I couldn't resist this, but like Doc Brown said "Please excuse the crudity of this model".


I had some time to do a digital sketch of a character thats been on my mind a lot here lately

New Frontiers

Wow, this is weird. I am in the process of setting up my website. Thanks to the enormous help of my friend Eric Merced. What does that mean for this blog you ask. Nothing, I will still maintain this blog but soon it will be what it was always supposed to be. Just a platform for my thoughts, my ideas and sketches plenty of sketches. This page, up until my website opens in a few days has been my primary home on the web. That meant I needed to publish more finished work, than sketches.
So soon, hopefully by Tuesday, I will post a link to my site. It's crazy cuz pretty much as soon as you think you are done you learn a new trick and you end up changing the entire page.

Well, I'll see y'all soon


New Shirt Design

This is a design I am working on for a client. They provided the paragraph for the back and I took care of the design.

My Fairy Special Girl

Ashlynn is crazy about fairies right now. So I wanted to paint a picture of her as a fairy. She hugged me when she saw it. Oh the bear fairy or "Bairy" is her favorite toy of all time. That bear goes everywhere she goes.

Joker 08 Portrait

Two Faces.....or rather Four Faces

2 More

Just for Fun

Since I have had a couple days off here in a row I decided to do a couple pieces for my portfolio. I give you my newest digital paintings.

Down Thru Time

Appliqué without the work

Have Ladder....

First In

The Lebanon YellowJacket

My wife's school has decided to have a superhero theme for the 2009-2010 school year.  So I was asked to put something together for them.

Fire Fighter #2


Hit the Pole

Fire Truck Line Art

Well this has been a long night of Line art work but here is the finished "mask" for my truck.  Now tomorrow I have to begin painting.  That should take a day or two. 


I love to sketch batman.  I draw him all the time on pretty much anything that's in front of me.  This is the first time I did it digitally though.  Kinda fun.  

My Cousin the Graduate

Quick pic I did for and of my cousin Kaley

100% American

Celebrity Golf Classic

The Wife

Digital Painting