Thursday, November 5, 2020

Election 2020 or 50/50

 I was a ball of nerves most of Monday and all of Tuesday.  

I was working on a project Tuesday but my mind was on the election.

When Brennan got home form school she tried to talk to me and I brushed her off.  I was too frazzled to listen.  When dinner rolled around, I didn’t eat much and I rushed back to keep track of exit polls and such.

Ash tried to tell me about her day but I don’t remember anything she said.

Every night around 6 my whole family sits in the same room and watches tv. I know its not the healthiest activity but I look forward to it every night.  We watch, we talk and its just fun.

That night however I had the news live feed on my phone that I was listening to through an ear bud . On my lap was the iPad with a copy of the electoral map pulled up. That was keeping me updated on what state was leaning what direction.

I didn’t pay any attention to the shows we were watching.  One was the Great British bake off and I had no idea who was kicked off or why until the next night when we started the next episode.

Brennan tried to show me a video clip on her phone but I told her I didn’t have time.  

Ash asked me a question and I was very short with her. She even apologized for interrupting me because I was so curt.  Still the night carried on.

Lin and I go to bed about 8pm on weeknights. The kids brush their teeth and then we all go to our rooms. Lin and I read, talk, scroll and usually watch an episode of what ever show we are into (right now it is Chuck).

I told Linda I was gong to stay up and watch the results so she could go to bed without me.

I agonized for hours, I flipped channels, I refreshed websites. I just couldn’t stop. If one went to commercial I rushed to flip to another. I kept 2 or 3 websites pulled up and compared projections. 

I finally went to bed around 1:30am on Wednesday.  I tried to sleep but I just couldn’t. I kept refreshing the election results.

Wednesday morning I woke up, reached for my phone to check the results. When I did I accidentally swiped left bringing up my widgets page.  Staring back at me was the you version verse of the day. 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.


Well played you version, well played.


I had been so obsessed with this thing that I couldn’t do anything about that I ignored my family.  I gave all my attention to the pundits and the speechifiers that I missed what could have been a great night with my family. All the thought energy, and time I spent that night worrying about what was going to happen whether I watched it live or not. 

When looking back I can see it was more important to me who lost than who won and that is an incredibly unhealthy thing. I was more interested in a concession speech than an acceptance speech. With the supreme court set up as it is now, there should have been a sigh of relief.

I keep seeing people acting just like I was feeling. Arguing on Facebook. Putting up passive aggressive posts.  Friends and family upset with each other over a political opinion.  Christians acting as if there will be a red or blue section in heaven.

It’s Thursday afternoon now and we still don’t know who won election night.  I’m only allowing myself to check the news once a day.

I was really convicted about all of this.  While politics matter, it’s not as important as your family your friends, and our community. 

Enjoy dinner with your family, go spend some time with a friend, find a place to serve at your church volunteer somewhere in town and help make your community great!

Thanks for reading


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