Saturday, April 4, 2020

Quarantine Watch (Movies You Might Have Missed)

The Finest Hour

This one you can find on Disney+. It is a great family movie and based on a true story. Dial it up on Disney+ and give it a shot. Starring Chris Pine (Wonder Woman) and Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma).
Check out the trailer.

Lucky Logan

Directed by Steven Soderbergh the man that bought us Oceans 11 is this Heist movie based in the world of Nascar.  Referred to often after its release as Oceans 7 Eleven, this capper driven movie is laugh out loud fun and intricately plotted.
Check out the trailer.


I once rented this from Dish on Demand and proceeded to watch it end to end for 8 hours while I worked on car designs.  This is Matt Damon and Edward Norton at their very best.  I have never been a “poker” guy but this drama sucked me in and kept me there.

Brawl on Cell Block 99

This is my favorite Vince Vaughn movie and it somehow slipped under most people’s radar.  
Watch the trailer and then watch this movie.

Wind River

I watched this in the theatre and since then have recommended it to anyone that will listen.  Wind River is a mystery that is without a doubt worth your time.

Ripley’s Game
Of all the movies on this list the one I am sure you haven’t seen is Ripley’s Game. I can say that confidently because I have never met anyone else that has watched it other than those I introduce to it.
Clever always and nerve wracking part of the time this is a tense movie that is sure to please.


I watched this twice in the theatre when it came out and that was saying a lot back then because I had to drive to Springfield to see it.
I don’t know how to describe it other than just present the trailer. Definitely on my must watch list.

Knockaround Guys

From the director of Rounders comes this hidden gem.  Vin Diesel, Barry Pepper, John Malkovich and Seth Green star in this mafia movie.

In a Valley of Violence

Straight up this is John Wick in the old west. 

Across the Universe

I do not like the Beatles, I am very familiar with their music but I never cared for them. Turns out that I very much like their songs - when someone else sings them.
I watched this 4 times in the theatre and again had to drive to Springfield to see it.  Took someone new with me each time, as well as friends that went to each showing after their initial viewing with me and wanted to see it again themselves.

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