Sunday, April 5, 2020

Quarantine Watch (Documentaries)

These are my most rewatched documentaries.  Some of which are a little niche like Turtle Power others more broad.  Enjoy.

Electric Boogaloo 
The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films

The Seven Five

Calvanism has fascinated me for years. This is in my opinion the best doc on the subject.  It will definitely encourage you to do your own research.

All Things Must Pass

Directed by Collin Hanks the son of Tom Hanks, this doc follows the rise and fall of Tower Records and the music industries struggle to accept the new normal of digital.

West of Memphis

Possibly the most famous case of false imprisonment this doc produced by Peter Jackson is the definitive documentary on the subject of which there have been several.

Turtle Power

Next to Batman the Turtles were my biggest fanboy experience as a kid. This doc covers their entire story up to the Bay movies.

Free Solo

The newest doc on this list and still one of my most watched.

Prophet’s Prey

The cult of Warren Jeffs

Going Clear
It’s the Scientology doc and it’s nuts.

Supersize Me
I figure you’ve seen it but its still worth a rewatch since you aren’t going anywhere.

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