Monday, July 25, 2016

Life is a Highway

It’s about 3 hours until we start our adventure to Ethiopia.  

I’m a little nervous, I’m responsible for this group until we make it to Addis. I’ve never been there before so I don’t know what to expect.  I do know to not expect a smooth trip. That is the biggest lesson I’ve learned on the few mission trips I’ve been on.

Something will happen and you will have to roll with it. At times like that you just have to let go of the wheel and trust God to get you where He wants you even if it’s not where you intended.

I do better on trips when things happen than when things go haywire in my everyday life.  It’s easy to trust God for the long run when the long run is 10 days.  When its your lifetime it’s harder to give up the drivers seat.

When Jeremy and I drove across country last month we took turns driving.  While he drove I talked, checked my phone and kept him company.  When I drove he did the same.
The naps were the best. I trusted Jeremy’s driving so much that I literally laid down in the back seat and slept for hours.

For so much of my life I borrowed the car from God. He bought the gas, and snacks but I drove.  Sure once in a while I’d let him take a turn but it was never long before I wanted back behind the wheel. I was comfortable being in control just taking the driving directions from God.

Just like the trip with Jeremy though, I found myself ignoring the turn by turn and rerouting the vehicle.  I looked good, no one on the road knew I was lost. They could see me and Jesus in the carpool lane but I knew and so did He.

I’m 38 again this year (long story) and more than anything I want to let God do the driving.  His shifts have gotten longer and longer over the last 5 years but I still manage to take a turn every once in a while when we stop for gas.

My hope for me and for you is more time in the back seat finding rest in through our faith in Jesus’ driving   (M11:29)

I’ll see you all next week. Remember us in your prayers.

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