Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 5

We woke around 8 am again and ate more cereal.  

After breakfast we cleaned the building as best as we could. The problem with this was as soon as you swept the hall and had it looking good someone wold come in from the outside and the wind would fill the hall with dirt. 

We got the place straightened up and we were watched pretty closely by Fernando and his family. I think since Pete was out of town he charged Fernando with the task of making sure we didn’t take off with anything.

Got the place cleaned out and then Ethan had our devotional that we had missed from the night before.
Then we said goodbye to Fernando, Juanita and their family.  For all the issues we had I do know that they appreciated the work that was done. Their were some teary eyes (Mady) and the goodbye did take a bit longer than expected. We took a few last pictures and loaded up for the drive back to ABQ.

We made it to Albuquerque early. Check in at the hotel was not til 3 but they were nice enough to let us in early provided we didn’t mind having our rooms on a lower floor. This was fine and it had an added bonus. The rooms this time around were adjoined. So the guys were on one side of the hall in 2 rooms. However unlike the first night there since the 2 rooms were connected by a middle door we let the boys bunk in one room and the male leaders bunked in the other. This was the single greatest idea of the trip and we can thank Matt Latall for that.

The ladies rooms were all connected to but their leaders stuck to the original room assignments.

A group of teens and a few leaders went downstairs to the pool. Lacy and Emily Coday and a couple friends and their family that live in ABQ come by to visit as well which was nice for them.
The teens eventually tired of the pool and came back upstairs.

Matt, Lacy and I ran to Target to pick up a few things. Matt and I because we needed stuff and Lacy because if you are going somewhere then Lacy is first in the van. She enjoys commerce.
Plus just between you and me one of the Indian fellas on the res took a shine to her and perhaps she missed him too so she wanted to get her mind off him.
That last sentence is very likely going to get me hit next time I see Lacy.
There was a dude in his late 40’s that I think had a bit of a crush on her because that last day working he followed her around helping. Don’t worry though Brandon, myself and the fellas kept an eye on that guy just in case. He was of course harmless. As long as you aren't a white dog on account of the fact he was the dude that ran over our friend.

Anyway so after target we returned to the hotel and got ready for dinner.

Ok what follows is the story I received from both guys involved in the “incident” that lead to a poorly planned and executed prank war between the boys and girls.

Here we go…..

We went down to the lobby/kitchenette of the hotel to warm up the baked spaghetti we had turned our regular spaghetti into the night before.
At one table was Brandon, Emily Whitten, Dalena and Cody. Cody got up to get something he forgot and the 2 girls told Brandon to do something to Cody’s baked spaghetti. Brandon touched it and they said “no, do something grosser” so Brandon licked the top of the square of spaghetti. It wasn’t until Cody had consumed the food.

Afterwords they told him. He was disgusted (but not too much he is a teen boy and food is food).
So he decided to play a prank on the girls. Now being a lover of classic sitcoms I know a prank war will be hilarious and assuming that our teens can take a joke I was more than happy to givee pointers.
The return prank was decided that the boys would put the girls bedding in the bathtub and get it wet. 
I assumed it was official bedding from the HoJo and not personal bedding.  I was wrong however and the 2 girls lost their minds.

They both completely denied having anything to do with Brandons violation of Cody’s dinner. 

So after a good sized fit Emily Coday, Matt and myself set out to find a laudrymat at 8:45 pm so the girls would be happy.

We found one after driving around for about 45 minutes. Turned out it closed but they were nice enough to let us in and we dried the blankets. Didn’t take very long because the boys had basically turned the water on then off again cuz they were pretty dry already.

While we were gone 2 things of note happened.

  1. Ethan had his devotion for the night.

2) Brandon ate a spoonful of straight miracle whip.  

Atleast I think he did. they recorded it to show me knowing my proclivities towards certain food. However the video starts, he apologizes to me and the spoon comes out of the jar and heads towards his mouth when I looked away and literally fought the urge to throw up. He honestly may have not actually done it. I will never know.

Chelsea, if your reading it I can only assume you have kissed that man at least once since his return and for that I am sorry.

Dalena had decided that she did want to get the boys back for the bedding incident. Emily W wanted nothing to do with it because she knew it was just going to escalate from there.  I knew it wouldn’t because Ethan had said after Dalena got them back he was gonna put the kibosh on pranks.
Dalena’s plan was to go into the boys room about fish and throw an ice bucket full of cold water on Tharon and Cody.
She did so and hilarity ensued and you would imagine.

More on that tomorrow.

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