Monday, July 15, 2013

Haiti Day 5

Day 5

Today we actually got to sleep in a little bit.
Normally our bus time is about 8am but today we got to sleep til 9.
Which isn't really saying much because even when they set the time late you still can't sleep.
The windows are always open so you hear all kinds of stuff.
The issues were many. Dogs, rasta music, heat, bugs, an increasingly wobbly bunk bed and GUNSHOTS!

Not to mention Travis and Eddie. I'm sure if they had a list I'd be on it too. However I fell asleep before them and so they made mine.
I think Eddie fell asleep on the 6ft drop to the mattress cuz he slept beneath our window and it was stunning. Not sure the screen door clicked before he started. Unless that was his warm up except sizes for a night of growling.
Travis, I thought was joking when I first heard him. Turns out he either wasn't joking or he was dedicated enough to the "prank" to keep it up 5 or so hours a night for six nights.

Personally I don't mind a snorer. I saw plenty of logs myself so I never ever complain about it.
Actually took my mind off the dance club or cock fight at the bottom of the hill.
So even on days like today when breakfast was at 9 I was still awake between five thirty and six. Then I kinda lay there like I do at home and drift back and forth lightly til more people are milling around.

Today we got up and the breakfast was in my opinion the best we had. I'm not a big breakfast person anyway so the bacon and eggs everyday this week haven't really been impressing me. I mean they are good but still I prefer the American basics.  For instance we had just good old fashioned corn flakes today. Plain coat meal or cornflakes with raw cane sugar.
The milk was a delight. Pastor Kelly and Pastor Eddie went the first day and looked at milk. It was $22 a gallon where they were. Last night they found it for the low price of $11 a gallon. That is in American dollars too.

So breakfast was great.
After that we went out and played with some neighborhood kids while we waited on Kelly, Eddie and Jeff to figure out the day.

The kids that live by the mission are pretty sweet.  I took quite a few pictures with and of them.

They loved having their picture taken. Most the kids we met did.
There were a few shy ones but for the most part they hamed it up or even better, tried to look older.

It was also pretty amazing to let one take your phone.
Because they would set beside you or run off and when you got your phone back it would have 50-100 pictures they took of complete random objects.
I never got worried about my phone. For one, they were basically fenced in wherever we were.
Secondly they were pretty polite kids, at least to us. To each other is a different story. Thirdly I have an upgrade available on July 20th and so I'm not too worried about my iPhone 4S.

Basically anything you had was fair game as soon as they could grab it.
They always gave it back. The lady day most of us let them keep some things.
For instance several of us gave our hats to the kids at our orphanage. Plus bandannas, shoes, extra clothes just anything you had that you didn't need for the trip home.
I did keep my sunglasses. Several kids wanted them but I kept a close eye on them.
It is my first pair of Oakley's. (I kinda always wanted a pair) but I never understood how people spend extra money on sunglasses til I had a pair.
There is a world of difference in vision when wearing Oakley's as compared to my regular $5 aviators.
Not to mention a strange boost in confidence.

Our first stop today was the orphanage we sponsor.  The kids were happy as always to see us. We loved on them there and gave them some gifts. Then we grabbed our bags and all walked the few minutes to the worksite where we helped this week.
The plan was to see the progress on the kitchen and then to have a VBS.

Originally we had planned to take the kids to the beach.
However the threat of a tropical storm had our handler from HRI nervous. So we had to scrap that idea, roll with it and course correct.

We decided to have the VBS at the worksite which is also the children's new orphanage.

First thing when we got to the site was ball. Tony, Chad & Jeff taught the kids kick ball.
Some kids opted out & flew kites or played frisbee.
Others were content to stay in the building and play or just sit and talk.

There is a lot of just sitting and talking happening there. That and hair braiding.
My beard got French braided which was a first.
My face & neck are both kinda sore from the kids pulling my beard so much.
It was full on braided 6 times this week.

Kevin took the logo for our bible school theme and drew it in chalk on the wall. It was pretty impressive and I'm sure there are pictures of it somewhere.

After some playtime Jeff said it was time to start so we got everyone corralled into the building for VBS.

We handed out Love Dove shirts. Lance kinda spearheaded that particular portion. It didn't take too long.

Elaina & Jeff started VBS with songs and Leslie, God bless him translated them.

While that was going on we realized we had forgotten the crayons for art time at the orphanage. So Kara, Estella, Tony and I walked back to retrieve them.

We got the crayons and hoofed it back to the worksite.
It was at that point the kids were all handed paper and asked to write their names. Then they came up
In front if Kevin's gotta move art one by one and then got their picture taken by Jeff and Kara.

It was at this point that time begins to fly by.
I started drawing comic book characters for kids and next thing you know they were swarming me.
The rest of the time there was just me drawing while the rest of the team did whatever it is they did.

Finally some of us walked the children back to the orphanage to say good bye.

Then we drove over to pick up those that stayed behind.

After all that. The Pastors Eddie & Kelly took us to the beach.

It was the most picturesque thing I've seen in real life.
Just gorgeous.
Most of us got in the ocean while others waded and looked for shells or interesting rocks.

After some ocean time we showered, those of us who wanted to at least.
That us the pint in time that I lost my Oakley's.

The ride home was interesting. It was the first time any of us had been out after dark.

When we did arrive at the mission, Boss Michelle had dinner ready. Tonight was whole fish and French fries.
The fish was good, I think Kelly said it was sod but I can't remember for sure.
I guess I could ask him cuz he's 4 feet away but we will jus go ahead & call it sod.

When we finished eating Cheistina presented her devotion and I went upstairs to bed to write.
Jeff had asked us all to prepare a little devotion to share with the group. We usually did this at breakfast and dinner.

Now it's 10:51 and I'm heading to sleep cuz the generator is off and frankly there is nothing left to do. M
Thanks for reading.

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