Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Haiti Day 4

Day 4

We got up & running a little earlier this morning.
Because instead of work we were going to visit some orphanages besides the one we sponsor

While we were still in bed, Lance had the idea that maybe if we had any money left over of our personal money. Maybe we could afford a bag of rice for the kids at one particular orphanage that has nothing.
They are trying to get a sponsor and haven't yet.

We thought it was a good idea so I asked Pastor Kelly and Pastor Eddie if we could.
They said it was fine so I asked around and everyone put in some money. It ended up being enough to buy 2 bags of rice and some cookies.

We got up the first orphanage and the kids were just heart meltingly adorable.
We played with them. Gave them some love dove shirts and played some more Kelly and Eddie presented the rice to the lady in charge
I can't say enough about the state of affairs at that orphanage and please keep them in your prayers. They have nothing and they honestly don't know from day to day if they will eat from day to day.

I found a lovely young lady sitting alone and trying not to look at us. So I played with some kids near her and eventually made it over to her.
She would hardly look at me but I still teased and danced with her. She would look at me and grin then cover her mouth and turn her head almost all the way around.
It was beautiful.
I'd point to her and say beautiful and she just lit up.

When we were through there we went up a second orphanage just up the road.
They were sponsored by another church & it was pretty nice.

The kids were very playful.  We passed out some shirts and candy.
The kids sung to us as we all sat around on the foyer.
Then Elaina started singing one of our songs and we proceeded to alternate ours & theirs.
Leslie our translator got up and taught us a few Hatian songs and translated some of our songs to Hatian for them.
Everyone was blessed at that orphanage and honestly it lifted the heaviness of our hearts to hear the children after leaving the first orphanage where it was pretty awful.
I don't mean the orphanage was awful. I wouldn't book a stay there but it was a roof for the kids so in glad it was there.
I just wish wholeheartedly they would find a sponsor.

Next we drove to an orphanage that again is sponsored and sponsored well.
They had a pretty nice set up. I wish our children could afford it at le maison despuax.

The problem was the ride there. Several things of note happened on this ride.
First Christina was sitting by me and had been all day. She's quite funny and it was a blast....... Then she choked & spurted about half a cup of water on my leg.
We were teasing Elaina and Christina took a drink of water. Someone said something funny and Christina didn't know what to do with the mouthful of water she had.
She said later that she didn't want to spit on Travis so instead she deposited that mouthful of water on my shorts.

Then she started to choke for real and Tony did the heimlich maneuver on her. Successfully clearing her pathway.

So after that bit of drama and the long car ride we were starting to get wiped out.
That and the fact that there is a tropical storm brewing and the Hatian street vendors were all locking down their stuff.

That kinda gives you the Hebbie Jeebies cuz you gotta figure they know what it looks like before one of these things.

So we drove the rest of the way to the orphanage. However the road leading to the orphanage was too muddy to drive so we had to walk.

Kevin was the first to fall in the mud that at times was ankle deep.
In his defense he was carrying the duffle filled with stuff for the kids so his balance was off. I was wearing my "toe shoes" and the mud started packing between my toes and spreading them out like a fan so I had to wash them off.

The kids were gorgeous. The property was great. Water pumps and shelters for the kids that was rated to withstand an earthquake and a hurricane.
I don't think they mean at the same time. That would be the apocalypse.

Anyway, we quickly handed out the stuff and walked back to the van.
We did play for a few minutes and I scared the tar out of a kid on complete accident.
Amusing the other kids a  great deal but making me feel awful.
It was this adorable baby girl. Probably between 2-3 years old.
I walked up and winked at her while an older girl was holding her. Then she came unglued.
So after a couple minutes I peeked in the rent from what I assumed was a safe distance.
It in fact wasn't a safe distance.
She caught a glimpse of me and went full meltdown.
The girl she was with had to take her away.

Next we drive an hour to get pizza in the city at a place called Muncheez.
There were some gastrointestinal hijinx there which I'd rather not cover here.
We ate world class pizza and drank cokes.
While we were waiting for the pizza someone discovered the place had wifi and conversation stopped. We all proceeded to text, check email, FaceTime and, Facebook for a good 10 minutes.
After the meal, Kelly, Eddie, Didi, Travis and chad sat in the restaurant and talked. The rest of us went outside to wait. Assuming that they would be along shortly. It however was about an hour.
While they were doing that. I was outside trying to coax our translator to arrange for me to take a motorcycle ride with one of the Haitian cycle/taxis.  They are mind boggling!
Weaving thru traffic inches from cars. Hopping curbs on sidewalks. Dodging people on said sidewalk.
It just looked like fun.
I had joked about it last night with Pastor Kelly and he said there was around a 70% chance of a wreck. I lined those odds. So I said to Leslie "Alright, let's get serious. How much would it cost just to go around the block with one. "
He said less than a buck and I was Sold.
Unfortunately the guy he tried to get me a ride with was working for Muncheez so he couldn't leave.
I tried desperately to get Leslie to acquiesce to a different driver but he said "no, I uh, I afraid for you. Some time they go & kidnapped."
Well if you've seen me you know that is highly unlikely.
However on this Leslie would not budge.
Seeing as I do not know French I was incapable of securing my own ride.

After the meal of pizza and disappointment we went back to the mission.

Christina and tony washed a local dog.  Because I suspect Christina misses her dog.

We ate some fruit, talked a bit and now I'm here in bed writing this while the others sleep around me.
I'm trying to give them a head start before I start to snore.

I didn't make it to the revival tonight. My feet were pruned from wading in mud and water in my vibram "toe shoes".
Instead we just passed the time til the few who did go made it back.

That seems to sum up today. Thanks for reading.

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