Sunday, July 14, 2013

Haiti: Day 2

Day 2.

We woke about 5am got around and ate breakfast.
It was delicious. They scrambled eggs and bacon all cooked together. Great stuff

After breakfast a few of us (not me) did the dishes. It want because I didn't want to but someone called it first.

The driver was supposed to be at the house at 8am but was about an hour late. We loaded some bags and took an awesome drive thru a genuinely busy city. Traffic was nuts for sure today. I don't think there is a way to describe the traffic really. Maybe Thunder Dome, It's an insane mish mash of cars and motorbikes weaving in and out.  You can just throw a U-ey at any point and we did in the middle of the road in front of a cop.
Lots of close calls and all but 2 of us were crammed into the van.
Kelly and Eddie rode with the translator Leslie.

We arrived at the worksite which was pretty close to the orphanage.

When we, and by we I mean Kelly assessed the situation it was decided that we needed more tools.
He ended up going with a group to find, floats, trowels and a pick axe.

The finally made it back about 2 hours later maybe more

While he was gone I tried to float the wall and it was not the floating I'm used to.
Normally you put some stucco or "mud" on the float, a flat plane with a handle. And you evenly spread the mud.
In Haiti however you get a little mud on your float. Then you take a trowel and flick it in such a way that it sticks to the wall.  Does not splash and looks really cool.

I cannot float this way. Could probably have got it down after a bit but after didn't get the chance. A very nice Hatian took it from me twice and would not give it back a third time.

Kevin however was a natural and worked the ENTIRE day floating the kitchen wall.

I helped dig a few holes.  Moved some bricks drank some water and generally just tried to help where I could. Unfortunately I am a soft weak little man and left a lot to be desired in the manual labor dept.

A few kids walked over from the orphanage and we had some candy on us to give them.
They seemed to really enjoy it.
They were pretty great kids and then they started helping and they became even better kids.

Kelly and the others returned from
Getting supplies and I think was a little let down by our progress.
The Harians have a system and it seemed we were gumming it up a little.
With the help of the translator he got us a little better on track.
We cleaned a room.
Passed out more candy.
I chased an adorable little girl around the van. Much to her delight.

We worked some more. The ladies cleaned & I picked up trash & a lot if it.
Chad dug holes like a gopher. For several projects. Travis and Kevin helped build the wall and float it.

Lance did a bit of everything. I think he's scared to stand still.
Pastor Kelly was a heck of a digger as well as Jeff.
They worked tirelessly on the trash pit.
I took a few turns but being soft and raised by women I didn't take any real long shifts and the ones I did take were basically the equivalent of Kelly, Lance, Jeff and Chad taking a break to let me play in the hole while they caught their breath.

Finally after the pit was finished Kelly and Eddie got us to load back up and took us to the orphanage where our kids, for lack of a better term, stay.

I cannot get across to you in words the adorable ness of these kids. It was only matched by their vigor for sweets.
They had our carcasses stripped of candy like adorable piraña's.

A few girls were shy but eventually the curiosity about my beard got the better if them and before I knew it they were pulling me to sit down so they could braid my beard.

They did so in the most eye watering way possible and I weep for my lost follicles.
Still I wouldn't have said no for any reason. They were just too cute

We unloaded a few totes of supplies and what not for them and went to the market for rice and sundry other groceries.

The market was intense. Traffic was front to back side to side and a little spooky. Kevin the outgoing guy he is sat up front next to the driver and he was pretty intensely watching the cars and road. As our driver, merged, narrowly missed cars/people and was almost hit himself numerous times

Back at the mission, men had done up and spread their wares on the porch for us to peruse and buy.
A few people made purchases but I was wanting to wait a day or two so I held back.

Then  we cleaned up and settled for a bit before dinner.
I took a shower and it was cool, not cold. Which was a surprise because we had zero hot water. We also had zero water pressure. Seemed like it was just gravity fed so it trickled

Still it was wet, which is all you can really ask from a shower.
The shower was followed by a beard treatment.

Dinner tonight was AMAZING. rice with beans and fried goat on the bone. Kinda like ribs.
Might have been ribs.
Anyway it had a sauce that was optional and wanting to really experience Haiti I gave it a shot.
It was wonderful.
It was red, not spicey but just flavorful enough to compliment the rice without over powering it.
In the sauce was carrots, potatoes, unions and bean pods.
I think the beans or peas themselves were the ones in the rice.

It was excellent and I had seconds because there was plenty and I figured I might never get it again.

After dinner Kevin, Lance and Travis washed dishes. Afterwords we went down the hill to the revival again

After church we danced with some kids and goofed off. One took shine to me and I ended up carrying her up the hill to her house.

Elaina was in heaven during the service and the glow lasted the rest of the night.

When we made it home we ate some mango, which is now one of my favorite fruits and sang. Jeff played guitar, Elaina played ukulele and tambourine.
My voice is not good and I don't normally sing unless I know I can't be heard.
Lance heard me however and that knowledge told me it was time to come write.
This is the result of that writing.

Thanks for reading

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