Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best of 2012 (the Movies)

Here are my top movies for 2012.  

Making the list is just fun for me and I do it every year whether it gets read by anyone or not.

This year what was important for me was rewatchability. The majority of the movies on the list are ones I saw and have watched several more times on digital download since.

Django Unchained - This may be my favorite movie this year. Christoph Waltz was beyond amazing. Jamie Foxx gave a performance as good or better than he did on Ray. whether you like the movie Ray or not doesn’t matter cuz I hated the film but Foxx was ridiculously good in that movie and probably even better in Django.
Every moment of the almost 3 hour Django was not only engrossing but perfect. 
I can’t recommend this enough and I can’t wait to see it again and again and again.

The Dark Knight Rises- This movie has a ton of flaws but it was a really fun movie and a great way to end the trilogy.  Personally I would be thrilled if Joseph Gordon Levit got to play Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie although that is doubtful.

The Avengers- This is what a summer blockbuster is supposed to be.  it was epic and fun and infinitely rewatchable. More so to me than any of the stand alone Marvel films. As much as I love them all especially the Iron Man movies this was a nearly perfect super hero film.  

Pitch Perfect- I got sucked into this movie by seeing a clip of the star Anna Kendrick doing a musical number with an empty plastic cup.  Went and saw the film in the theatre and it was just amazing.  The music the cast the predictable but fun plot.  I have watched this a dozen times on dvd.  Its like a love letter to 80’s teen movies and I love it.

Cabin in the Woods- A solid horror movie. It was fun and unexpected. There was just no way of knowing where that movie was going to go next and I had an absolute blast the 3 times I saw it in the theatre and the handful afterwords at home.

Prometheus- Prequel? Maybe. Still, set in the “Aliens” universe I saw this 2 times in the theatre and keep going back to it in my digital library when I’m working.  I didn’t expect to like the movie this much. Lots of crazy plot holes and people acting just ignorantly but I’m a sucker for a good sci fi film and this hit the spot.

Sinister- This is one of the most original horror movies I have ever seen.  It was expertly crafted and creepy as all get out.  I loved every minute of both theatrical viewings.

DREDD- This is one of those movies that I don’t think anyone I know really watched. I was looking forward to it and it exceeded expectations for sure.  The slow-mo action was amazing.  I thought I’d get tired of that. I figured it was just fodder for the 3D cannon but they made it a plot point that was more than just bullets coming towards you in the third dimension.
It has entertained me just as much in 2D at home as it did in the theatre.
Carl Urban was born to play Judge Dredd and I would LOVE if this got a sequel which is currently doubtful.

21 Jump St- this was the funniest movie I saw in the theatre this year.  To me it was more than a comedy it had comedy, drama and action.  
So many comedies this year were just trying to be shocking, like Ted or That’s my Boy. This movie was a solid film. Great cast engaging plot and well acted. 
Completely changed my mind about Channing Tatum whom I didn’t really care for until this film and his hosting of SNL.  

Skyfall- The best Bond movie I have ever watched. In a world where action movies are just getting bigger and bigger this film managed to have great action sequences and tell a very personal small story.  Definitely a must watch...... over and over.
Javier Bardem was the perfect Bond villain.  The cinematography was mind numbingly beautiful as well.  I was blown away by 007 this time around.

Argo- I thought this was a close second to Django Unchained for the best made and well acted movie this year. It’s crazy how good Affleck at making films. This is only his 3rd outing and it’s phenomenal. 
I hope Ben Affleck gets an Oscar for this film.  Brilliant.

I see a lot of movies every year and this I think is the most mainstream my list has ever been.
A few honorable mentions. John Carter, Looper, the Grey, Machine Gun Preacher and Sleep Tight. 
Movies like Looper as good as they are kind of loose the luster after you know the twists and the ending.
As much fun as John Carter was I don’t find myself going back to it often. 
The Grey is a bit of a downer. Machine Gun Preacher is inspirational but how often are you in the mood for that.  Seems like if I sit down to watch a movie at home this year I just want fun popcorn films.
Sleep Tight is a Spanish movie and it is super creepy.  Thing will haunt you for days. It really is a must watch if you don’t mind subtitles. I think that is what kept it out of my top ten.  It’s not that I don’t like subtitles but rewatchability isn’t there for me because often times I am working when I watch a movie at home.  Trust me though it is definitely worth the watch.

Usually there is a documentary or 2 on the list and while I watched a ton of them this year, I found myself drawn to the light hearted and the fun more than the real.

Lawless was one of the worst movies I watched in 2012.  i had looked forward to it for so long and it was borderline unwatchable to me. Lin and I watched it one Friday night and regretted it ever since.

I think that pretty much sums up my year in movies.  2013 is going to bring us Iron Man 3 and the Man of Steel. Both of those will odds are make the list next year.

Thanks for reading.

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