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mewithoutYou 5/29/12

Finally getting around to writing about my trip to see mewithoutYou last Tuesday.  Planned  on writing much sooner but praise God I have been pretty busy.

I debated about going and seeing them for a week or so before the show and solidified my plans the day of. Which partially explains why I went alone.  My best friend and the guy who introduced me to mewithoutyou's music now lives several states over so he was out.  Then it was just short notice or short funds for everyone else. By everyone else I mean the other 2 friends I asked.

I left my house about 4:45 pm and arrived in Springfield at the venue right at 6pm.
Doors were scheduled to open at 7 with the show starting at 8.
When I made it to the venue I noticed a few "patches" of people.  Didn't seem like a cohesive line.  I walked to what I assumed was the back of the line and stood by myself.
It was a hot after noon and the I was feeling kinda awkward being the oldest person there by quite a few years from the looks of it.
I just quietly stood and minded my own business.  About 45 min or so into my wait I noticed no one was lining up behind me. I turned to the stranger next to me and said "Excuse me, but did I cut in line?" "When I got here I thought this was the back of the line I didin't mean too if I did." The guy who's name was Zack said "Yeah but it's not a big deal."  I apologized and said I didn't want to get the stink eye from the people I cut infront of so I asked if it would be ok if I blended with them.
Zack said it was fine so thats what I did.

The doors opened about 7:20 and i was the 4th thru the door.  Since I wasn't there with anyone I didn't have to mingle or look around. Instead I went to the monitor on the right of the stage and posted up there.
It was about 4 feet from the center mic and what I assumed would be where the lead singer would be standing.
I turned to the stranger beside me and told him I was going to stand my ground at that monitor. It had tape on it and I let him know that I would not be going passed that point. No matter how uncomfortable, hot or smushed up against another dude I got.  He kinda laughed and said "Ok." I don't think he took me serious however until he started letting people up by him and next thing you know we were just smashed together.
 There was plenty of room to my right but I was not going to move down. My beard was on his shoulder but I would not budge.
Finally about 8:30 the first band started. Imaginary Cities out of Canada was the first band up and i wasn't super impressed but it wasn't because they weren't good.  it has more to do with the fact that I really don't care for music. I like a handfull of bands and have no intrest in hearing new stuff.
When I go to see a band I am there to see them not to be introduced to new music.

Despite my rather bad attitude for a show I enjoyed the first band enough to purchase one song off itunes the next day and I have had it stuck in my head since Tuesday night.
The song is called Ride it Out and I will embed a video of it below. Not a video I recorded by the way. I didn't realize at the time it would be worth it. Give this a Listen/Look

So Imaginary Cities finished and the next band loaded up and sound checked. That band is called Burried Beds and they had to borrow equipment from Imaginary Cities.
I have to imagine that was the problem because they were pretty terrible. They had energy and seemed to be having a good time but the levels were off and we couldn't hear lyric one.
I'm way more into lyrics than music so that added to the fact that I didn't know these fellas from Adam's house cat made me pretty miserable for their set.

At this point it was about 9:30 and Buried Beds had finished their set.  I was still on my mark and not giving an inch to the late comers all trying desperately to get up to the stage and in the center.

I had been there since 6 and there was no way I was gonna allow some hipster with an Ironic mustache come in just for mewithoutyou and elbow me off to the corner.

Also how tired are you of ironic mustaches? This being any mustache on anyone under 50 that is of the curly or pencil variety. Stop it, just stop it.

So now we are all ready for mewithoutyou to melt our faces when a  stocky man accends the stage and lets us no that mewithoutyou has had their bus breakdown and they won't be in town til about 11.

I had to much time invested at this point and even though it was incredibly hot and my beard was starting to react to the natural musk given off from the crowd I was determined to stick it out.

That was the real trial of the night. Standing right there in the middle of teens and early twenty somethings as the discuss parties and nonsense. One teen showed up and stood right behind me. At one point I sat on the edge of the stage behind "my" monitor. the dude was standing between my legs and talking obnoxiously,  He would not shut up about the song Cardiff Giant by mewitoutyou and what he would do if they didn't play it. He was so close and literally between my thighs talking to his friends.

Finally at midnight the band showed up at the venue.  They loaded their stuff on the stage themselves with the help of the good people in the opening acts.

Sound check took about 30 more minutes and finally the show began.

Me without you was amazing as I expected.  I took some pics durring the show and I recorded 3 videos.  I believe Aaron Weiss the lead singer was not a fan of my taping cuz he seldom looked to my side of the room after he saw me taping.  This could have been in my head but I saw him see me recording and the look I recieved didn't seem friendly.

They played everthing I wanted to hear them play except for The Fox The Crow and the Coookie. however they played it the last time I was lucky enough to see them and I recorded it then.

They played for 57 min and 17 seconds which didn't seem long but they were tiered from the bus breaking down and there was zero banter so they got a lot of songs in.

I picked up a 7" vinyl of February 1878, the first release from their current album Ten Stories and began my 55 mile journey home.

It was a pretty good night. A little awkward to be at a show at my age by myself but great to see the band again.

Waiting In Line at the Outland
The only guy that looked more out of place than me. At least I hope he did
Aaron Weiss
Aaron Weiss again. In my opinion one of the greatest lyricists EVER 
Aaron Weiss does a lot of squatting and singing. Often with his back to the audience
and a rag on his head
Mike Weiss

Mike Weiss's set up figured someone might find this interesting. 

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