Monday, December 28, 2020

Kicked Out

Occasionally it takes something to kick you out of your own head and bring you back to the fact that God orders your steps

As Christians we talk about Gods will a lot. We know everything happens at His speed but as time wears on and wears us down we lose track of that. 

Sunday the 27th I had an experience to snap me back to that reality. 

A divine appointment is what my friend Kelly calls them. Let me explain. 

I had plans this weekend, that I thought would take me away from church. 

I hate missing  but I had prayed about it and truly felt I knew what I was to do.

My purpose was this. I had recently visited a church where some friends of mine attend. It’s a place that I had preached before and have quite a few loved ones. 

I hadn’t seen some of them in a few years and it was incredible to collect some handshakes, hugs and catch up. 

During the week after my visit I received several messages from a several people that heard I had visited and were bummed they missed me. 

I had went to the early service that week and couldn’t stay for the second because I didn’t want to miss church at home. 

That’s where praying came in. l was torn on whether to visit this week or not. Knowing of course I’d miss my regular service. I went to bed Saturday night confident in knowing where I was supposed to be. I Slept well that night and felt great Sunday morning. Got up had a cup of coffee and some quiet time before leaving the house. 

I went and as it turned out I saw everyone I wanted to see, hugged necks, shook hands and was done early. 

I had two choices at that point. I could go home or I could catch the last half of church. I felt that I had listened to God and was free afterwords to do whatever I wanted.

No one was expecting me, I had text on Saturday to let them know I wasn’t going to be there. I could grab a coffee and head home.  I parked at Price Cutter but didn’t get out of the truck. I was having the debate with myself. 

It would be easy to just drive home and goof off. I had already been to church after all and God had done some ministering to me for sure already this morning. It would be fine to take the rest of the morning off. 

If I go to church now, I’ll just draw attention to myself coming in late.  Plus the people I told I wouldn’t be there will have questions and I don’t really want to answer them.  

So it was settled, I decided to go home. 

I put the truck in gear and just sat there. I couldn’t shake the feeling I needed to go to “my” church. 

I know when I get that feeling it’s the Holy Spirit and like it or not I better do what He says. 

So there I was sneaking into church a bit late.  Service went fine and actually dismissed early. 

I was outside waiting for some friends to exit and I saw a lady in a hooded jacket walking a dog start to cross the lot. 

I have a tendency to talk to strangers if I hadn’t been such a husky child this might of lead to problems. 

I loudly said “Have a great day!” The lady turned around and it was a face from my past. Let’s call her Max.

She turned around and said “Well, Hi Alan.”

Surprised, I walked over to say hi. 

Max and I you see used to go to the same church and we had a few disagreements. 

Matter of fact last I saw her we were not really speaking. 

As shocking as this is for you to read I don’t always make the right decisions. 

We talked for a minute or so and spurred by the Spirit I took her hands I looked her in the eye and I apologized sincerely for hurting her feelings those years ago. 

We both got teary eyed and she forgave me. IT WAS GREAT!

It was a beautiful God sent moment that I by all means should have missed. 

I was at a place I didn’t plan on being. At a time I usually wouldn’t be there and God presented me with this divine appointment.

What a blessing I almost missed and what a lesson that God reaffirmed to me. 

I said all that to say this. 

Even if you’re not where you plan to be, you are always where God can use you. 

Thanks for reading


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