Monday, March 4, 2019

The Pot

Did you know a bonsai tree has everything it genetically needs to grow up to five meters tall.  The reason they don’t is because they are traditionally kept in small pot and meticulously cared for.  Left on their own in the wild they will easily get 3 feet tall and up to 15 feet if the ground is just right.

The pot is great for the new tree. It has a very nutrient rich soil and gets just the right amount of water.   It is pruned and cared for constantly.  God created the tree but its potter that cares for the tree as long as its in his pot.
I can’t image if the tree could talk that it would want anything more than that pot, that level of love from someone.  It’t confinement is both its comfort and its barrier
If you took that tree and planted it outside, even though the environment it different and more dangerous. Soon it would see that there is room to stretch and reach places that seemed impossible.

Spiritual growth can be very much like that little tree.  We can get comfortable in our pot.  We are cared for we are fed and watered and everything seems great.  We have no idea that outside of the pot we can go deeper. We can grow taller. 

I was in a pot and I Ioved my pot. Still do, but I know I could never fit back in it now.
I was cared for and I was pruned but I had stopped growing.  Partially because I was comfortable and partially because the potter didn’t want to see the tree to get too big. That’s just more tree to care for.

When the pot broke a few months ago I didn’t look at it as a chance to grow in new soil. I just saw the pieces of my home.  I stayed that way for several months.  

Driving home from c3 a couple weeks ago It was revealed to me that I was about to grow spiritually beyond what I thought was possible.  The Holy Spirit talked to me on that 7 hour drive and let me see that if I’d take my eyes off that old pot He would see me grow deeper than I had ever thought I could.  I don’t know what exactly He has planned but I know it’s got to be pretty great if it’s gonna be better than that pot. 

Sometimes it takes a break, a betrayal or a tragedy to shock us into refocusing on the creator instead of the potter.

I know that now and I am grateful for the time I was cared for but some plants can only grow in the wild with nothing to to care for them but the Son.

Was there ever a time in your life that tragedy turned to growth?

Let me know.

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