Monday, February 11, 2019

Who's Right?

So who’s right?

You have an issue with another Christian and you both think you are right.  You’ve prayed about it. They might have too, you don’t know but you assume at least as much.
You are at an impasse. Where do you go from here.

If you are having an issue deploy the Matthew 18 method and if they refuse it’s not on you.   

But who’s right?

First off most the time when you are wondering who is right it’s because you want vindication that you are.  That righteous feeling that comes along with being “better” “smarter” or  “more Christian” than someone else.

They drink and I don’t so I get a point.  They have a porn addiction and I don’t, or at least my secret sin isn’t known. So I get another point.  They didn’t handle a situation the way I think they should. POINT ME!

Heaven isn’t based on a point based system it’s not weight watchers.

It’s a super easy trap to fall into.  Partially because it makes us feel good.  We are constantly comparing ourselves with others in so many aspects of our lives. It just slips into our Christian walk. It makes you feel better about your mistakes.  Also why are my shortcomings mistakes and theirs sins? 

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Rom 3:23

Thank God it it isn’t all have sinned and fallen short of the Grace of God.

So who is right?

Grace is right. 

Learn to accept the apology you will never receive. Truly forgive and move on.

You are gonna be ok.

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