Monday, February 18, 2019

I Missed It

Sunday the tenth rolled around and it was cold.  Cold and slick.

I didn’t go to church.

The rest of the day I felt terrible about that decision.  If it had been a movie premiere I would have went in the exact same weather.  Maybe even worse weather.

Why didn’t I go?

A few reasons, but the one that seemed stressed to me is that I didn’t’t go because no one expected me to.

I went 7 years and only missed 3 days that I wasn’t somewhere else doing ministry, mission trips for example.
The reason I never missed besides the fact that I loved the people was because I was counted on.  I had responsibilities. I served.

As I stayed home all day the 10th I started thinking about that.  I don’t serve anywhere yet at Family Church and it made it oh so easy to miss.

I’m going to fix that soon. God willing I’ll be serving in March in some capacity. I’m awful partial to the parking lot as most of you know.

Service is great for several reasons.

You get blessings from helping others.
It feels good to help others.
It takes the pressure off the Staff to do everything or find someone to help.

It builds community.  I have some of the best friendships with people I serve with.  My wife who is notoriously quite made great friends at LifePoint by being in the nursery every week. Friends she talks to now even though we no longer attend there.

Finally, it keeps you in church.  Like I said earlier it is way easier to stay in bed when it’s 15 degrees outside than it is to get up and go out. 
Serving will give you a sense of responsibility that will make it a little harder to stay inn bed.  People are expecting you. If you cancel someone will have to fill in.  Stress will be added to that areas leader because you were unreliable.  
So you get out and you go even sometimes when you don’t feel like it at first.

The thing is even when I didn’t want to go and you won’t always wan to. Still I went and I ALWAYS got more out of that week than I did a week I got up and went with no internal conflict.

It’s like this.  Have you ever come home form work or a day out and saw that awful fed-ex sticker on your door?

You weren’t home to receive the package and you missed it.  
They will try to re deliver but it will bar a day or two.

Thats how it is with church.  God has something for you every week. Maybe it’s a sermon that is going to minister to you. Maybe its a friend you invited months ago that finally made it that day. There is something there for you that God is trying to deliver and if you aren’t there you can’t receive it.
Serving in your local church is an important part of your spiritual development.  So I encourage you today to find a place in your church to serve. I promise you 2 things.
  1. You won’t regret it. It might take a few tries to find where you fit but it’s will be worth it.  Don’t give up if you get assigned somewhere and you don’t like that area.  Just try a different spot.
  2. You will make a difference in someone’s life.  I spent nearly every Sunday rain or shine in the parking lot of LifePoint and after I left I had more than 3 people contact me and tell me that it was meeting me in the lot their first day that brought the walls down and allowed them to feel welcomed.  Such a small thing, just being there and friendly made the difference and they were open to what the Holy Spirit had to say that day.

Please talk to someone at your church about serving.

Thanks for reading. 

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