Monday, January 28, 2019

Sweet Sassy Molassy

I don’t normally do this.  Matter of fact I have had this blog for ten years this November and I have never done this.

I don't have a clever picture to entice you to read the blog.  No title that will spur you forward just the fact that an incredible experience is here for you if you take the time.

I heard a sermon this weekend that you need to hear.  

I’m going to post several links to the sermon here on this blog.  It will only take you 40 minutes or so to listen to or to watch.  

It moved me on a profound level. 

For months I have struggled with restoration.  With missing the way things were and feeling bad that I may never be to that place again.  Focused on what was lost and unable to move on because of how restoration was explained to me and then demonstrated.

Do you ever find yourself missing what was?  

Missing the “good ole days”.  

Feeling like you screwed up and deserve to be reminded relentlessly.   Emotionally and mentally abused?

Do you not think you can be restored?

Listen to the miraculous possibilities of actual restoration and know deeply and truly that the best is yet to come.  

Please take this message in and share it with friends.
I honestly believe it is going to set people free.

Thank you for reading this and I pray you take the time to experience this message.

you can listen to it on iTunes by clicking here.

Watch it on the Family Church website here

Download their mobile app and listen to it  here

or watch it in the window below.

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