Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Why Even Bother?

This is for those that are believers.  Those of us that know who Jesus is. People that already are His. 

Why even bother going to church?

That is something honestly I found myself thinking the other day.  Since leaving our church home I have been listening to more preaching than I ever have.  I’ve been in my bible a lot more I’ve been reading the same amount of books though.  Can’t say that ramped up much I already read a lot.

As the weeks went on I found myself completely understanding why someone would just stop going. Especially those that were hurt by their church or it’s pastor.  I’ve seen this my whole life. They leave and they never come back.  After all not going to church isn’t going to send you to hell.  

A few weeks have went by and it was getting easier not to go. I felt weird but not bad.  Thinking about church in general lead to anxiety.  I knew something was missing but I was getting more biblical teaching and truth than when I was in church.  I was convinced it wasn’t God that was missing from me. 
Unfortunately before I had gotten comfortable not going I had told my friend that we would go to church with his family one week.  We were waiting for a weekend that his step-daughters would be in town so my girls would have some friends there as well. 
Thats where I found myself last Sunday morning.

We showed up ab out 15 minutes before the service and made our way into the sanctuary.  It’s a small church the type I was raised going to but over the last seven and a half years haven’t had many chances to go back to.
The music was pecked out on a piano, there were announcements and “special singing”.
The sermon was good, the pastor spoke from 2nd Corinthians 5.  It was a decent service. 
It wasn’t what I had become accustomed to over the last few years for sure.

What hit me though and what I want to leave you with today is this.

Why go to church in a world where you can hear sermons by the best of the best from Billy Graham to Ed Young at the touch of a button? Speakers that put your local pastor to shame with their content and presence. Why go when you can listen and worship with bands that escort you to the throne of God in your car, at your house, in the woods, anywhere you want?

The why is you… all of you.

What I can’t get from an app, a podcast or a worship album is community.

Listening to my friend tell me about all the people I met at his church the next day as we unpacked my visit really drove that home.

He would mention someone I met then tell me all about them.  He told me about those that were not there because they were sick. 
What those that were there did in their day to day.

Why bother going to church?  Go for people to worship with you. To love with you to cry with you and for you.
Go to lift each other up and to find out who you can pray for and about what. 
Go to find people to pray for you.
Go to hear about each others week.

There is no point in going to check off a box, to listen to someone talk or someone sing. No reason to go to just sit in a pew. 

Do something! Don’t squander the opportunity to serve with people and build bonds and friendships.  If your church offers small groups then go to one.  Thats all the early church was anyway.

Let’s face it, you may not remember a six things your pastor has said over as many years but you will remember those that were with you through the good and the bad (especially the bad).
Find those people and be those people.

Thanks for reading


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