Monday, December 31, 2018

Back on the Road

I was driving to Springfield last week and I started thinking about Gods plan for my life.
What is Gods plan?  
We say that all the time as Christians. “Well its just part of God’s plan”.
So I decided to look into it. To read what I can and figure out what Gods plan for my life is.

When I go on a trip with Linda and the kids, I have a plan.  That plan is the destination.  In November I went with them to Kearney, Linda’s childhood home to spend some time with the family.  

The plan was to leave at a certain time and arrive sometime that evening in Kearney a small town outside Kansas City.
We drove for an hour and then stopped at a gas station for a bathroom break. 
Of course my kids asked for candy, soda and junk and we lovingly told them no.  

We drove a while longer and stopped for lunch.  Finally we arrived in Kearney and spent a pretty great evening with the family.

The next day we headed home and we stopped again at a gas station. This time the kids got something for the trip home.

It was a great couple days and as I was thinking and reading about Gods plan this week I kept coming back to it.  I chalked it up to the fact that it was a great weekend that I really enjoyed.

However later it became clearer what God was teaching me.

See God’s plan for me is the exact same as his plan for you.  Gods plan is that EVERYONE make it to heaven. That is the plan, full stop.  No side missions no extras. God made the way for that to happen through Jesus. One way for one location. He made it so incredibly simple, accept Jesus and His gift of eternal life.  

What is Gods plan for my life? That I will accept Jesus and help others do the same. The end.

I tend to convolute the plan with my own thoughts.  I recently felt like I had to leave a job I love. A job where I could help people. I was hurt by someone I deeply trusted I was torn up that that must be “God’s plan for me.”  I gotta say I was a little bitter.  

Things happen in our life and we chalk it up to “God’s plan”.  A loved one gets sick and dies.  A car wreck takes someone dear to us away.  We ourself get cancer and die, leaving those we love to question God’s plan.

The thing impressed upon me is that those things have nothing to do with God’s plan.  I see now how self-centered it is of us to think of it that way.  It causes us to fear and sometimes hate the God that created us, that loves us no matter what.  It becomes about what we are doing and what we have done. 

So let me say it again.  Those things, have NOTHING to do with God’s plan.   God’s plan is for all to make it to heaven though the one door He made to get there.

You are on a trip to see the Father, you accept Jesus and you are on your way.  Along the route you may stop many times and ask Jesus for a lot of junk.  Things that are inconsequential to the plan.  Just like my kids ask for candy at a gas station. 
Sometimes I get it for them and sometimes I don’t.  It has nothing to do with the plan to get to Kearney. It doesn’t matter in the least if I spend $10 in Clinton Missouri at a one-step. 

Thats what all this stuff is to Jesus. We are on a trip with Him, there is plenty of room for others to join us.  All He cares about is that we get there with as many others as we can take.  
Then we stop because I want to and I ask for help with a job, or healing for a loved one and He says “No”.  I get back in the car disappointed because it was a big deal to me. Just like that pack of M&M’s is to my kids. 

Sometimes I get a yes and he is delighted to see me happy over such a little thing as a new job. Either way it didn’t change His plan because it was never part of His plan.
He doesn’t want me to suffer but that doesn’t factor into it.  We all suffer because of the world we live in, because of decisions we make and sometimes decisions others make.  Just because I don’t want a loved one to die of lung cancer and I make the decision to pray for them doesn’t negate the decisions they have made for 20 years to pick up a pack of cigarettes.
Is it God’s plan for them to die?  No, its just part of life.

We get these grand ideas about the life, stuff and people God has allowed us to live, have and love.  Like they are ours. When the Bible tells us that “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind.” 
Do you think my youngest remembers the toy she got in the happy meal she “had to have” on our last trip?
No, but she sure as shooting remembers the destination and the fun we had there.

Blessings are a bonus, we go through hilltops and Valleys on the road but Jesus is going to fulfill His plan. Sometimes He lets us stop and he allows us to have a trinket or two.  Sometimes he allows us to meet people that we will hold dear but the plan never changes. 

We chose to get in the car with Him when he invited us and we will make it to the destination, everything else even those that we love is just a stop at a gas station and we need to get back on the road.

Thanks for reading


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