Monday, November 26, 2018


Church, I’ve been out of church for 3 weeks now. 

This post is just my thoughts on the beginning of this new chapter.  All blame lies squarely on me.

I want to get back to church, I need to get back to it but I’m in this weird limbo between churches.
Growing up we went to several different churches. We would go to one for a while then move to the next.  I had a friend who comes from the same denomination I was say to me one time that she was starting to get the “itch” to move.  That is just how it went. The grass was always greener syndrome.
I honestly thought I was done. I figured I would raise my family where I was.  
Loyalty was prized there and I was fiercely loyal.  No church is perfect, you. Have to accept that. Realize that it isn’t about you and your likes or dislikes.  It’s. Not about a preacher. 
Attending a church should be about God and what that church is doing for the kingdom.
Even if you don’t agree with every decision you accept them. You get under the authority of your leaders and you contribute.  

I’m not trying to avoid church like the days before I truly found Jesus and decided to live for him. In those days I would do whatever it took to not go to church.  Some of you have heard me tell the story about disconnecting my wife’s battery so we couldn’t get the car started so I didn’t have to go to church.  That was a long time ago and I don’t tell the story these days just to get a laugh. I want people to see how I have changed. How God changed me.  
Not only would I not do that to get out of church but since C3 2013 when Jesus found me in that theatre seat at Fellowship I would walk to church if necessary.  You couldn’t keep me out of the house of the Lord.

Now I’m spiritually homeless.  
After I resigned I kinda thought Id’ heal where I was and maybe take some time off from attending but that wasn’t what was in the cards for me.  I understand and I respect the decision that was made for me.  It wasn’t my decision and I think that is something I struggle with.  I hate for people to think I abandoned them and I know some people do. Some are hurt and that bothers me. Sorry I get in my own head, this isn’t about the past it’s about the future.

The future is finding a church home.  That is something I truly feel EVERYONE NEEDS.
How does one look for that. Not just a place to attend church when the weather is good or when there isn’t something better to do.

A place to sink into, a place to serve a place to call home and God willing to see my children attend with their families.  I didn’t always want that.  I wanted a place that would ignore my absences and leave me alone. After being part of a place that didn’t ignore me and a place where I drove so much of that feeling I guess I have a high bar.

I don’t want to go back to a small church, It’s just not who I am. I love to visit my friends that are anchored in those churches.   I just love the environment, the activity and the life I have experienced the last several years and I want more. 

So how do you find a place?  I recently read an article here about finding a new church. I have read article after article about it actually.

Seems like prayer and online visiting are the 2 big take homes from what I’ve read.
I just don’t know if I can get the real gist of a place from visiting online.  My kids can’t visit the youth and child service online.  What if Lin and I really dig a place but then the kids don’t like it.

It’s nerve wracking, what if they don’t like me or accept me after I have visited online and prayed about it.  What if Bat acts up or I’m too vocal with my praise?

There is just lots to think about and pray about.  If you read this we certainly could use some prayer warriors to help us. As well as any advice or articles to read on the subject.

Thanks for reading and praying



  1. I want you to know, you were a big bonus to us in deciding our new church home. You were and still are a magnet to my kids. I know i can count on you and lyn when needed. Where ever God directs you,you will be a great addition. I don't think God intends for us to stay in one place. He directs us to branch out and share Jesus wherever we go. Please dont feel down. Let God use this time to prepare you. You never know, maybe you will start your own church of Christ?
    I will be praying for you continuously that God will show you without a doubt, what you are to do..

  2. Adam you have to go where God leads you ...I sure miss you buddy and I pray for you....