Friday, November 9, 2018

A Mistake

This is a micro-blog.  I decided at the beginning of November to set a goal.  That goal ended up being possibly the dumbest goal of my life.

See I was watching the movie Creed before the sequel comes out this month and this idea hit me.

I decided to watch 30 Sylvester Stallone movies in 30 days.  The rules are simple, it doesn’t matter how many I watch in one day as long as I have watched 30 by the 30th.

If you are wondering how many I can watch in a day that number is 5.

The major hiccup in this plan is Stalone has in my opinion about 20 watchable films. This leaves me wading through Judge Dredd and Bullet to the Head. Both are nearly unwatchable.

As I write this I am currently watching the Specialist trying to get it out of the way. 

So there you have it go watch some Stalone.

Thanks for reading

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