Monday, August 21, 2017


Today was the solar eclipse and like most people I was interested in seeing it. 

The thing that stuck in my mind about the eclipse was when the moon covered the sun it still wasn’t very dark.  I stood on the sidewalk in front off the office and you couldn't see the stars, no crickets chirped, no streetlights flared to life.  It was still daylight, just a little shadier.

In my life I have let things come between God and myself. They slipped in and between us. It happened slowly over time like the eclipse today. Just like the eclipse today my life didn’t get too much darker. It was still, after all lighter than it was when I was lost. I believed in God but I didn’t make him the Lord of my life. Lord over EVERY aspect.

Pastor Kelly talked about that at church yesterday.  How it’s one thing to believe in Jesus and another to give him Lordship over you. You can accept Jesus into your heart, you can believe who he is but the sky just isn’t quite as bright as it is when He is the only thing in it.

Today during the eclipse I saw how easy it is to accept the shade.  Life moved on work got done but it just wasn’t as sharp as it could have been.

I’ve been looking for and shedding recently those things that block my view of God.  It’s not a quick process like I would have hoped. It’s gonna take some time but each day is a little brighter in that aspect.

If you want to avoid a total eclipse you have to be able to see where your issues lie. You need a tool like the glasses so many sported today to allow you to see the items that are between you and God.  

The Bible is that tool.  Whether it is your daily private time or just listening the to the sermons from Kelly or your other favorite preachers you need that lens to properly see what is blocking the light.

Don’t wait another day of the shade, pick up your Bible, find a reading plan online or on the Bible app go buy a one year bible just take a step today. 

Make everyday form this one forward brighter than the last.  

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