Monday, January 2, 2017

A Look Back

It has been a long year. I don't recall a time in my life where as many people I know have had what they would categorize as a bad year.
I'm the same way, 2016 really kicked my rear.
Well thats what I thought until I started putting together the year end video for the church.
While I was cutting things together I started coming across photo after photo of amazing opportunity and unbelievable blessing that I received last year.
in 2016 I went to the L.A. Dreamcenter where I handed out food and prayed with strangers on literal skid row.  I took a trip to Ethiopia where I got to briefly address a group of pastors from the area.
I celebrated the 16th year of marriage with my wife Linda. I stayed financially steady and watched God bless my family.
I started 2016 with becoming a licensed minister on January 10th and ended the year by performing my first wedding for dear dear friends on December 23rd.
All these things were covered over by the barrage of unfortunate events that was my 2016. To the point that I too would call 2016 a "bad year".
Recently I was asked to write down a few of my failures of 2016 and a few sucesses for my year end evaluation.
I had pages of failures but just a line or two of wins.
I kept track of the wrong things. Like I do every year.  Like I am sure most of you do as well.
It really jaded my view of last year.

This year, for 2017 I am doing something different. I am going to celebrate the "wins" be It personal, professional or ministerial.

I went out today and I bought a whiteboard.  I hung this whiteboard on my office wall beside my desk. Over the next year I am going to write down all the blessings, celebrations and victories of the year.
Right now it sits blank in anticipation of what God has in store for me and for us this year.
God willing by December 2017 this board will be filled with all the blessings God has for me and my family.

Go out and get yourself a whiteboard, start a note on your smart phone, get a journal, write on scraps of paper and keep them in an empty jar.  Some how some way record your wins this year and learn from your loses.

Thanks for reading.


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