Monday, October 17, 2016

Running on Empty

I have been thinking a lot recently about leadership. This is due in part to the fact that I am taking a leadership class. It is also due partly to that fact that Kelly keeps us reading as a group.  We subscribe heavily to the idea that leaders are readers at Lifepoint and Kelly backs that up with recommending then reading books on leadership with us.

With that said leadership is often on my mind.

It’s been a busy weekend followed by a busy Monday. Lots of ministry opourtunities and responsibilities.  I was reading a book this evening and it pointed out that a huge problem for leaders in ministry is when they give more than they get.

This isn’t talking about finances, or doing your job. It’s talking about emotional and spiritual health.  I have a tendency to spread myself thin. To pray often about what God would have me say to those that want to talk to me. Those that see me as a pastor.  I want to be for them a spiritual boost.  For the teens I want to be a a consistent presence and someone that knows when to listen and also when to advise. Most the time its just the listening that does the job.

When the weekend comes around and its time for us to fill our hearts with Gods word and fellowship I can get into work mode. I might miss the sermon because something needs my attention. I may not get to it that week either as there are more pressing matters. I’ve went several weeks without hearing a sermon.

That’s not good. That is far from good. How can we expect to be there for each other and to help each other out if we are empty.  We can’t pour our what we don’t take in.  Without that weekly break of being fueled I have less to give others. 
When someone you know and care about is going through a difficult time they need you. You have a responsibility to be there and support each other in times of need, in times of triumph and times of grief. 

When days like today come and they are ministry heavy you need to have enough gas to fuel those that need it and get yourself back to the pump.
I'm thankful for leadership that reminds me of that. The fuel light might come on from time to time but I won't let it run dry. I will focus on taking in more than I burn up so I don't burn out.

There is a song by the band mewithoutyou called “A Glass Can Only Spill What it Contains”

During a week what do you fill yourself with that you can pour into others?  

I can’t encourage you enough to make church a priority. We are called to live in fellowship.
You have to fuel up to go farther.  Sunday is more than a day off. Take it use it for what God intended not just what you want. 

Don’t pass the pump, the next station might not come along for a week at least.

Thanks for reading


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