Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day at the Beach

Yesterday afternoon I stood on the beach. I watched the waves break and roll into the shore. Sea water rushed past me ankle deep. The sand beneath my feet eroded as the tide pulled back. I could feel the sand washing away and my foot sink deeper each time the waves withdrew. 

As I stood there I was once again reminded of how lucky I am to be able to do what we do. Of all the things I could be doing. Of all the careers I could have mine is to help others. To help give hope to the hopeless and to introduce people to my savior Jesus Christ. Seriously how cool is that?

Yesterday  on the beach while walking from the van to the waters edge I found myself thinking about my past. 

When I was lost the sand was deep and tiring to walk across. 
The beach filled with people happy where they are. It's comfortable, they are having fun. Content to stake their umbrella and lay down a towel. They feel no need to continue to the water. 
Still, a few do make their way through the distractions and crowds. They feel the draw and want more than just the beach.
They want to see more than just  sand. They want more than the fun the beach promises. They know there is more. Just beyond where the sand crests. 
Some will never see the beauty of the ocean because they can't get past the fun they are having at the beach.
They will never know the vastness and the absolute peace that the ocean can give them. 

Behind me Sunday as I walked were hundreds of people that were not going to approach the sea on their own.  So many of them would come and join us  if only we would go and tell them about what they are missing.  Tell them what the ocean means to us. How the tide was gentle and carefully eroded our furrows until our sand was clean and smooth as glass. If only we would invite them to come along and see for themselves. 

This week I pray God will  give us each the courage to invite to some to the waters edge. 

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