Monday, May 9, 2016

the Next Generation

A couple years ago we went thru a 16 week series at LifePoint covering our DNA. All the things that make us LifePoint. 
Recently I was asked to teach class 101 all about who we are and what we believe. During which we go over the DNA.

There is one strand of DNA though that is on my mind tonight and if you identify as a Christian. If you profess to want to be all that you can be for Jesus. If you want to do his will. If you have a church you call home then I want you to think about this with me.

We will be a church that values the Next Generation.
The youth of our community are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today. We will go to great lengths to raise a generation that changes the nations.

There you have it. We will Value the Next Generation, It’s my prayer for this community.

As the weather gets warmer and summer begins to break you are going to have opportunities to do things on Sunday that don’t involve Jesus or being in Gods house. 

I want to challenge you this summer. The summer of 2016 to seek first His kingdom and then your own.  I know there will be family vacations that may take you out of town or sickness and you may legitimately need to miss. 
It’s the Sunday mornings when the call of the Lake is louder than the call of God. When Silver Dollar City or Six Flags can’t wait until after church.

Growing up, Sunday was the Lord’s day. The day we felt closest to God. 
With some of the trends and things I read about church attendance if that is still true and its still the day we feel closest to Him and so many of us avoid Him on that day. I hate to think how we treat Him the other 6.
If we truly value the next generation. If we expect them to be the church of the future we need to model in our priorities what we want to stick in theirs.

One way or the other we are raising a generation that will change the nations. Will it be for God or for ourselves?

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