Monday, May 30, 2016

The Greatest Story Never Told

 Monday’s roll around quick these days now that I’m trying to write a blog each week.  Today being memorial day I find myself thinking a lot about loved ones that have passed.  Few of which were in the armed forces.
     You see, growing up I had no idea what Memorial day was.  All I know was that we usually only went to church for Sunday school then we cut out and visit the cemeteries where passed loved ones were.
     I had no idea it was about those that lost their life defending our freedom. I was only aware of the terrible car ride and hours of somberness that the day entailed.

     Even now that upbringing colors the day for me towards the loss of loved ones.  When I think about those lost I inevitably think about their eternal soul and whether they were ready or not.

     Today is a great day of mourning for our country but lets not forget there are people close to you.   Loved ones that are still breathing but dead in sin.  People that need to know about Jesus but for some reason we don’t tell them. We just hope that someone else will. We dread the possible awkward conversation more than the idea that without Him they will be lost beyond retrieval.  Or worse we just don’t care enough about them. 
God has given us something that changed our lives and we share it only with a few. Usually with people we go to church with. People we know have had similar experiences. We keep it to ourselves and pass it around the sanctuary from believer to believer.  We leave it at the door on our way out on Sunday mornings.

I want you to imagine there is an empty chair and you could fill it with people from your past. People that are gone now. Ones that didn't know Jesus like you do. Who would you put in that chair? 

      Famous magician and atheist Penn Jillette had a blog post a few years ago that I watch from time to time. It really drives home to me the importance of not just believing in Jesus but spreading that to others.  I hope you watch it. I hope it sticks with you as it does me and that tomorrow you will go out of your way to put someone in that chair.

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