Monday, May 23, 2016


It was a great day for the disciples by all accounts. Jesus talked for hours to the people. He talked in parables He told stories, He taught. The Son of God, the Messiah was on a roll and they were in the front row.
Afterwords He climbed onto the boat with the disciples and that set out across the water. 
Jesus, after talking all that time was no doubt ready to sleep.
Time passed, we don't know how long but soon enough the door burst open and panicked disciples flooded the cabin.
"We're gonna die!" "Don't you care if we all drown?" They were freaking out.
To remind you, at least 4 of these men were fishermen by profession prior to meeting Jesus. If they thought the boat was going down then it must have been pretty terrifying. They were experts in the sea.
Jesus now wide awake, got up and simply said "Quiet! Be still!"
The Bible says that the wind and the waves stopped. I like to imagine the sea that was seconds ago a nightmare for seasoned fishermen was as smooth as glass.
"Quiet!" he said "Be still!" Instantly things calmed down. Including the disciples. They went from so freaked out that they woke Jesus up, to quiet enough for Him to address them.
Howling winds, creaking wood and crashing waves all reduced to silence. They could now hear His voice.
Sometimes life is rough and even the most sea worthy of us will get scared. Convinced that all is lost.
If we would just think about this story. Realize that we are not the expert no matter how much we think we know about a situation. We may have spent years on the sea but we didn't create it.
If this is you right now, I want you to seek Jesus in the center of your boat.  Go to Him and prepare to hear Him speak. "Quiet! Be Still!" You'll find the seas calmed and it's in the calm of Him you can actually hear what He has to say.

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