Monday, April 18, 2016

Speed of Light

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
John 1:5  NIV

I think about this verse a lot.  it is how the book of John begins.  

It’s just the hook though, if you read it in context you see that the Word (Jesus) gave life to everything and His life brought light to the world.
It is this light that shines in the darkness.

I’m usually the last person in my house to go to sleep. By the time I make it upstairs and to the bed the house is pretty dark. We leave Bat’s light on because thats what he wants and it helps me make it upstairs without stepping on wayward toys.
I close the door to our room and try to get across the floor without tripping on a clothes basket, a fan or any other item Lin places in my path in her eagerness to get in bed hours before. The whole time trying to be as quiet as I can.

there is just a little light that comes in under the door. It’s pale and the darkness of the flooring swallows some of it making it even dimmer but its there.

It was getting thru this nightly ritual one night that it occurred to me that the closer I am to the door and even that little sliver of light underneath it the better I can see.
It’s not much but I can at least make out shapes and see the outline of a path.  When I get to my bed and I get situated I can’t see that light at all.

That is why we as Christians go to church and read our bibles. It’s one of the reasons we pray. 
The closer we get to the Light the brighter the room.  Sometimes that shows us stuff we don’t like. It helps us see what we need to remove. It makes walking around less treacherous. The more light we take in the more we can help lead others back to Him from the dark. 

As the light begins to fade, or we close the door again the light is harder to see. Sometimes it seems non existent but its there just on the other side of that door. We just have to go towards it.  Even when we are in bed and comfortable, happy in our darkness there is light waiting just outside for us. 

Just open the door and get closer to the source.  
The answer to your prayers travels at the speed of Light.

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