Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I Dare You. I Double Dog Dare You.

Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple. If you do," says the LORD of Heaven's Armies, "I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won't have enough room to take it in! Try it! Put me to the test! Mal 3:10

I tithe.  That means at a minimum 10% of everything Lin or I make, be it regular paycheck, freelance or cash is brought to the church (storehouse).

There was a time in my life when I didn’t do this. There was a time if someone told me they tithed I thought they were bragging. I thought they thought that they were better than me.   Turns out they weren’t bragging because you can’t brag about something you are supposed to do.
If I told you I have never cheated on my wife, it’s not bragging. Everyone knows your not supposed to cheat on your spouse.  Adultery is prohibited by God. We know not to do that. 
There are certain things that God says you can do and certain things you can’t. 
Tithing is one of those things that God expects us to do.  
Another mistake I made when i was younger was the idea that I could pick where my tithe went.  The Bible specifically says to give to the storehouse and your storehouse is your church.  If you don’t feel like you can trust them with your tithe then get out of that church.

Lin and I began tithing properly after hearing Brad Segabarth speak at church one week. At the time I didn’t know him from Adam’s house cat. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Brad a little over the last few years and I have to say I genuinely look up to a respect him.  His story changed the way I looked at what I considered “mine”.

So we started tithing. I won't lie It was tough to start. There were doubts and worries. The trust that God wanted me to put in Him just wasn’t there.  As time went on though I began to flex that faith muscle.  When a check would come in and I knew we couldn’t get all the groceries we wanted we still tithed.  We never went hungry. 

I’m going to share one of my stories here.  After you finish this blog I want to hear yours.  I want you to share your similar stories.  You can reply to this post, comment on Facebook or email me.

As for me….

I’ve seen God help us a family of 5 live 2 weeks with $23 in the bank.  It was miraculous.

Right after we began tithing properly things were tight, we got Linda’s paycheck and I sat at the card table where I paid bills and debated if we should tithe.  I remembered God speaking to my heart that day at church and we tithed.  Later that month Lin and I were driving home from Springfield. She was in tears and I was  pretty close.  The electric bill was due and we had zero money to pay it.  We were living in a cruddy house with our 3 kids and the place was a nightmare to heat.  There was $23 in the bank and a $197 electric bill.  It was the last day to pay before service cut off. 
Lin and I returned to the house and we were pretty down. We hadn’t talked to anyone about our problem.  We were too proud (a blog for another day). 
When we got to the house the mail had run and in the mail box was an envelope. It was post marked Kansas City and contained $200 cash.
To this day I have no idea how that happened. I don’t have friends in KC.  I don’t know how anyone could have known. God did though and he took care of us.

I know I am not alone in this. Since we began tithing we have never been without. No we don’t get everything we want. We do however have complete trust at this point that things will be ok and we will have what it takes when we need it.

If you are reading this and you don’t tithe. I highly suggest you look into it.  The Bible is quite clear here “Try it! Put me to the test! Mal 3:10
Tithe properly for 90 days and see what God can do for you. 

If you do already faithfully tithe I wan to hear your stories. Please comment on this blog, reply on my Facebook or email me at alanwaynemyers@gmail.com.

I really do want to hear your stories and with your permission I will post some of your stories soon.


  1. I'll share a similar story of God's blessings. My parents have always tithed. Even when there was not enough money for food, the 10% always came off the top. When I was 13, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. At the time, there was a 4% survival rate for her type of cancer. Surgery removed her kidney and the tumor and, miraculously, she survived and is still in remission all these years later. My parents' insurance at the time paid all but about $3,500 of the hospital costs. They, of course, had no idea how they would come up with the money, but they had faith. On the day they brought my mom home from the hospital after her surgery, they picked up their mail, and inside was a check for $3,500 from Discover card - they had won some sort of contest by using their credit card. The Lord provided exactly what they needed. He is faithful and we should strive to be, too.

    1. Amen Sarah, that's awesome!. Sharing stories like that will hopefully show people God's faithfulness on something like tithing. After all He says in the passage He wants us to test Him on it.
      Thank you for sharing.