Monday, March 28, 2016


It’s been a long weekend and I am proud of all the volunteers and staff members at LifePoint.  I’m proud of all the people that invited friends and family to church this weekend. Whether it is LifePoint or somewhere else.

I’ve spent the last couple days thinking about pride.  Does the Bible say we shouldn’t be proud?

We have all heard “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” proverbs 16:18 

I know I’ve been quoted that verse before by people trying to keep me in their perceived place for me.   Thats the place criticism in pride usually comes from. 

What is pride though?  What is the bible talking about when it talks about pride.  For the most part the Bible isn’t talking about the sense of pleasure you get from a job well done.  It’s not talking about that feeling you get when your kids do something that is beyond what you expected of them.  The Bible is talking about arrogance.  

I am proud of my wife. She does a lot for my family. Stuff I can’t or won’t do.  She held us towards God when I was far away.  I’m proud of my kids. I think they are brilliant and I take great pride in being their dad.
I am proud of my church.  I am proud that we had one of the biggest if not the biggest weekends of our almost 6 years,  There were 1000+ people that attended one of our Easter services.  
I’m proud of that number!

I’m proud of the work we did. I have a great sense of accomplishment for the hours we all put in. I’m proud of the extra work our pastor did.

Mostly though I am proud of that number, 1000+. Do you think God isn’t? Do you think he looked down and saw his churches all over the world with extra people there. Some who don’t darken the door but once a year and didn't feel pride in the churches and those working in them? 

Are you proud of your kids when they learn a Bible verse, ask to pray or get excited about going to church?

Now multiply that across the globe. All the people that were there in a church where God wanted them to be yesterday.  Whether they got anything out of it or not is between them and God but they were there.  

I believe I’ve used the analogy before but when you get a really important package delivered you have to sign for it.  If you aren't there it doesn’t matter how important the package is you can’t receive it.

So for us there were roughly 250-300 people that were there to sign for the package yesterday and pastor Kelly certainly delivered! 

 We were and are beyond blessed to be a family that God keeps adding to.

That is something to be proud of.

Thanks for reading

Just in case you are reading this and did not get to sign for the package yesterday a recording is available under the archive section here

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