Thursday, February 4, 2016


Vision, what is vision?  Vision is that thing that leads us to the future.  Without a vision for the future of any endeavor we will remain stagnant.

In a church environment our vision come from our pastor who received that vision from God.

God passes vision to the pastor who passes it down to the next level they pass to the next and so on.  This vision is carried to us and we facilitate the vision.  

As the body of the church it is up to us to help carry out that vision.  Without our help the things that God wants to get done thru our church either don’t get done or get done so slowly that we miss the impact that it could have on our community.  

I love to help realize someones vision.  I love the satisfaction of knowing God had an idea and I helped make it happen.  He could have used someone else but I was there to answer that call.

Good healthy leadership doesn't just give you the vision they also help carry it. They are there in the trenches leading by example.  

Sometimes unfortunately that isn’t the case.  Every so often the vision is cast and we are the ones that make it happen.  Usually this is in singular ministries rather than the vision for the whole church.

Your direct ministry leader tells you of the amazing thing God has planned for the ministry and then intentionally or not they leave it up to you to carry out.  This causes us to move off center of the vision.  Then  as things take more time we may find ourselves at the edge of the vision making it harder to carry.

Every Wednesday night we have a community dinner at church.  Every Wednesday morning I carry all the tables out and set them up.  I go get all the chairs and set them at all the tables and it takes about an hour.

One thing I have noticed is if I grab just the edge of the table and drag it to the where I’m going to set it up my arm gets really tired.  It’s easier to carry the table if I lift it from the center.  It’s balanced and I don’t wear out as fast.  
I can carry more weight and carry it more efficiently by being centered.

The vision of the church is far larger than a table.  We are all expected to carry it though without regards to if anyone else is or not.  

If you aren't completely under the vision then its off balance and you are gonna either find it more difficult to lift off balance or drag it rather than carry it.  All that is going to do is wear you out and slowdown the progress.

We need to look to our leaders, find out the vision, define what a win looks like in that ministry and either get 100% under it or get out of the way.   In the world we live in just warming a pew won't cut it.  
God has something he wants to get done and He will find someone that will do it if we won’t. 

This goes for our everyday life too.  God has a vision for how He wants our lives to go and things He wants us to accomplish for Him.  It took me 33 years to get directly underneath it and begin to work smarter not harder.  I’m not promising you an easy life when it comes to shouldering the will of God in your life.  There is still a lot of pressure and things won’t always go right but you can carry more weight when you lift from the center

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