Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas List 2015

Every Year I post this list.  I encourage my friends and family not to get me anything for Christmas but inevitably some of you will.

This year is special, in June I am hoping to join a group from my church on a trip to Ethiopia.  the cost is $3,000 and thats money I do not have.  Money that God will have to provide if I am going to be able to go.  It's totally up to Him.  The will is there and the need is there so I am attacking the planning as if He has already provided.

We will be visiting a village in Ethiopia called Korah, it is inside an actual landfill.  It breaks my heart to know people are allowed to live like this.  I don't know what waits for me there or how we will help but I want to go.  I want to help anyway that I can.

If something goes haywire prior to the trip, if the trip is cancelled,  If I can't go, or if it's just not Gods will I will use the money in some other fashion for God's glory.

 So there you have it. That is my Christmas list for 2015.  If you don't want to help with that cause then I implore you to not get me anything.

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