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My Top 5 Movies of 2014

December means end of the year lists. Its December 26 and I thought I’d go ahead and write a little about my favorite movies of 2014.

This year as with every year I watched a lot of movies but when I was going back thru them I found it not possible to have a top 10 this year.  I didn’t like 10 moves well enough to call them favorite.

I only see myself seeing one more movie before the end of the year and that is Unbroken which I will see Monday night at 6:40. It might end up being in my top 5 but I never trust my judgement right after seeing a film. If its good at all I might just lump it in because it was so recent and I'm sure it is going to be emotional.

As far as Box office goes the top 10 movies of 2014 were

1) Guardians of the Galaxy
2) The Hunger Games MockingJay part 1
3) Captain America the Winter Soldier
4) The Lego Movie
5) Transformers Age of Extinction
6) Maleficent
7) X-men Days of Future Past
8) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
9) The Amazing Spiderman 2
10) Godzilla 

So here is my list. There isn’t much overlap.

My number 5 movie was Gone Girl. The book was my favorite last year and the twist is so amazing that I have to let others know.  This is a Fincher movie and as with all of his films it is a hard R.  I try to avoid movies that are this rough but I just couldn’t this time.  It was definitely a brilliant adaptation of a great book.  Even if you know the twist its still a turn that makes your breath catch.
I know several people that hate Ben Affleck and avoid his movies. I however after seeing the town was pretty sure he is in the top 3 best living actor/directors. Argo cinched that for me. Now that he is also Batman its a sure thing. 

Number 4 is the Equalizer. This movie based on an eighties tv show was an absolute blast to watch. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, who’s previous films include Shooter and Olympus has fallen both solid action films. It comes as no surprise that the action is fast paced and plentiful.
Denzel is pitch perfect as Robert McCall an ex-black ops agent that faked his own death to live a normal life.
The language is again a little rough in this film and I kinda feel bad that 3 of my top 5 are rated R. Something I didn’t see happening

Number 3 is Guardians of the Galaxy. Based on the Marvel comic that I could never get into as a kid. Granted the first few times I came in contact with the GotG it was a totally different lineup. Even the current lineup is borderline unreadable in comic form. They even had Iron Man in the first story arc of the most recent iteration to draw in readers and it was abysmal at best.
The movie however was everything the comic isn’t. James Gunn, the director did a bang up job of meshing those characters together in a way that didn’t seem forced. Unlike the latest X-men movie that I felt tried too hard to shoe horn characters in.
Guardians was a sweeping space opera the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the original Star Wars Trilogy.

Number 2 is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  This was in my opinion the best comic book movie of this year.
Marvel still manages to put together a movie that not only tells a great story but furthers the overall story arc of Phase 2.  
With not only a great character arc for the Captain but a satisfying arc for Nick Fury and Black Widow.
What makes this movie better to me than other Comic Book movies of the year is rewatchability.
Amazing Spider-man 2 was absolutely awful. X-Men: Days of Future Past would have flopped without the Wolverine. The best scene in the movie involves a mutant that was only included as a slap in the face to Marvel. I’m speaking of the QuickSilver scene. That character is one of the few characters that can be used by both Fox and Marvel Studios. The fact that Quicksilver was used so sparsely tends to lead me to believe that the rumor was true and Fox wanted to get Peter Maximoff on screen before the release of Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron next May.
I had heard originally that Nightcrawler (played by Alan Cummings) was going to be the hero of that scene which makes sense what with mr Singer cramming so many characters from his original 2 X-men movies. 
While I will always see an X-men movie in theatres I find this return to the original trilogy a big mistake on Fox’s part. I can only imagine how terrible Next years Fantastic Four is going to be.

My number 1 movie of this year is John Wick.  I loved that movie. Absolutely loved it. The action was mesmerizing. The story was fun and almost light hearted. The fact that it was a revenge story and the act that initiated the revenge was the murder of a dog made the violence to come almost comedic in its unrelenting pounding.
Keanu Reeves is a great action star that doesn’t do enough of this type of film. I can’t wait for it to appear on digital download so I can add it to my library and share it with others. Especially Linda. Thats what kept things like the most recent Planet of the Apes movie out of my top 5. It was a great film but not one I wanted to share with Lin.
To me that is a sign of a great movie.  A movie that I want to share with other even if that means i have to watch it a half a dozen times myself.

Honorable mentions: 
Edge of Tomorrow. It was just barely edged out by Gone Girl to make my top 5.  
If you haven’t seen it do yourself a favor and go get a copy.  Think Groundhog Day with machine Guns
The Lego Movie. By far my favorite animated film this year. 
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was also a great film but not one to really share,

The worst movie I saw this year was 47 Ronin. This was 2 hours of nothing. There was zero progress made by the hero. Capped off by a terrible ending that assured this film the title of worst of 2014.  Even the company of James and Kelly did not soothe the irritation this film caused.

Well there you have it. Those were my favorite theatrical release films of 2014.

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