Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's Been A Long December....Updated

still there is reason to believe that this year year will be better than the last.  

That is a line from the Counting Crows song Long December and I think about it every year about this time.  I know its only the 16th but I am winding down for the year.

Work is at a near stand still due to Christmas and New Year.  I have one assignment and its a spec job and its been my experience that those are the lowest paying jobs in my particular field.

I'm getting my tax papers ready for January.

I made the decision yesterday to start 2015 off in a good place by getting us "squared".  Had a few surprise expenses the last few months. Seems like when it rains it pours or in my case poors.

After sitting here for a while and thinking about it. I decided to get caught up on everything. Put the Myers even for the new year.

That seemed like a good idea at the time and I'm positive I'll thank myself for it over the next few months. Still it's nerve wracking to be down in the double digits with a family of 5 with the next paycheck (Linda's or mine) so far off.

it makes for a pretty tough possibly scary last couple weeks of December and first week or so of January but it felt important to me.

Update: So today Linda had a flat and we are super tight on money as discussed earlier. It turned out to be unrepairable so we had to but a new tire. It was a mess. So that took a pretty good chunk for the cheapest tire. Means we are gonna have to cut corners somewhere else.

Sometimes when you are working hard and doing everything you can for the Kingdom. When you are at your busiest things still just go wrong.
Often times for me it is when I feel like I am making spiritual headway. I don't know if it is attacks by the enemy or just a run of bad luck. 
Just because you are a believer things aren't always gonna work out. Sometimes you have those months when you only have $20 in the bank. Or everyone gets sick, or the cars both break down. Just because you believe and trust in Jesus doesn't promise you the good life.
Sometimes even when He reigns it pours

I'm not worried (I'm a little worried now), Tithe and offering was the very first thing I paid. After that I am confident God has this. 

It's been an incredibly blessed year.  Back in Feb I stepped in to help out at church while Graham tended to some business for his family.

I've been volunteering roughly 2 hours a day Mon-Thurs at church ever since. Granted I've missed a few days for various reasons, sickness and freelance work being on the vanguard of that list.
Still it's been amazing to get to sit in with Graham, Jeremy and Pastor Kelly nearly everyday. To see the sheer number of people our church helps in the course of a week is staggering.
I'm staggered by the dedication of our leaders. The ones that are there everyday and the ones who aren't. The ones that work a full day/week and still manage to participate in 2 and 3 services now gladly.

I went to C3 in Texas again this year for the first anniversary of my rededication. I got to help lead a group of teens to New Mexico. We helped a family build a home.

I got to teach our k-3rd graders and got to know them better than just a high five on Sunday mornings. I had the honor of seeing some of them give their life to Christ and be baptised.

I watched in awe as God blew the doors off some teen events.  I got to listen to teens hearts and pray with them.

I was allowed to serve another Easter at the Eggstravagnza, one more Back to Church Sunday under the belt too.

I took a step with 4 other guys towards becoming better Christians/Fathers/Leaders/Ministers in order to better serve.

This was a year at the plow and I couldn't be more thankful for it. Or more thankful for those that allow me to serve.

Service is where the rubber met the road for me.  When being a Christian went from being potential to kinetic.

There is still so much to do and volunteers are always needed maybe this next year is the one where you get more involved. 

"He said to his disciples, "The harvest is great, but the workers are few. Mt 9:37

My prayers for 2015 is that I serve more. Pray more and grow as a father, husband and minister.   
When I talk about being a minister I'm not talking ordination or pastoring.
The word minister comes from the Latin ministrare which means to serve, be of service, administer, attend, wait on.

That sums up my hope and goal for myself and for you. That we all become better ministers in whatever path God has set before us. Make no mistake though, He has set a path.

At your service


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