Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Blessing I'd Like to Share

What do you say to and about people that care so much about others that they would dip into their time and their finances this Christmas Season to help out a family who was in need.

I don’t want to give specifics for the family’s sake.  Just know that there was a family that were going to have a terrible Christmas.

I got a call, a teen had asked for prayer for the situation and within 2 days members of the church. Who had just been asked to pray have donated their time, a little bit of money and a lot of love to make this Christmas a good Christmas. One that won’t be remembered for poor choices and empty seats at the Christmas dinner. but will be remembered for the Light that  shone in the darkness.  A light that was sparked by a call. Then nursed to a flame by the help and love of others.

To those of you that helped that family in this time of confusion, chaos and darkness I say thank you. Thank you from me, from that family that probably doesn’t know how to thank you and from Jesus.  Who I have no doubt will thank you himself one day for your heart and your willing ness to be his hands.

I have been moved to tears several times over the last 3 days.  Some by the plight of the family, by the generosity of those I have long called my friends and the surprising kindness of a few strangers.

in 36 years, I have never been a part of a group that cares as much about people as I am now.
I’ve been in plenty of groups that care about the others in that group. Or that care about people of similar beliefs but never a place like LifePoint.
There were only a few people that knew about the situation, I have no doubt if I had posted it on Facebook there would have been an un-surfable wave of love and generosity 

Thank you for the extremely humbling gift your service to others has given to me this Christmas.  Thank you for the Christmas you provided for the family in need.  For your love with lack of judgement, and conditions. 
Thank you for letting me be a part of this gift. Thank you for letting me serve both with you and for you.

at your service

Merry Christmas


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