Thursday, November 13, 2014

Testimony Surveys

Hey everyone,

We have handed out well over 100 testimony surveys at LifePoint and after a week we have received 2.  Thats not a typo by the way. We have received 2.     T-W-O, 2.

Im writing this blog today to better explain our goal with this project and emphasize exactly how important it is that you please take a survey, fill it out and return it to me (Alan) or Graham.

We have hired a company called Good Catch Publishing to write a book on our behalf. You can learn more about the company at their website by clicking here.  There are also sample testimonies on that site you can read to get a feel for how amazing a tool this book is.

The goal is two fold.  1) We want celebrate our 5 year anniversary by producing a book about what God has done in our/your lives.  2) We want to minister to and bring people to Christ via the powerful works God has done thru the people of LifePoint.

This is how it works. You fill out the survey which you can pick up at the 411 desk at church or download by clicking here.   You return the survey with your testimony written on the back or attached separately to Graham or myself.
Pastor Kelly and I will read them and send them off to the publisher.

The publisher Good Catch Publishing will then read the testimonies and call 10 of you on the phone for an in depth interview.  During the interview the writer will get a better feel for your story and what God has done in your life.

Afterwords the writer will set to work writing your testimony in depth.  They will change the names in the testimony to preserve anonymity.  the finished product will be roughly 40 pages in length and will join 6 other testimonies in the book.

The book will be given a title that is non religious but intriguing when it shows up in the communities mailboxes.
The first testimony in the book will not even mention Jesus until after at least 23 pages in order to engage the reader without them putting up the "walls" that the name of Jesus sometimes raises in the unbeliever.

The books will then be sent out monthly to the community in clear plastic wrapping. Again there are no religious phrases, titles or reviews on the covers of the book.  It is benign to the common reader and in that way we hope to reach the unchurched in the population.

We can not achieve these massive goals without you. We need your testimonies.  Please pick up a survey, or download one at this link fill it out and return it to Alan or Graham by Sunday Nov 30th.

This only works if we all do our part.

At your service

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