Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 6

This was our free day and we had some plans. Thanks to Dalena pouring water on 2 of the boys we were all up and ready to go. We ate breakfast at the hotel and took off towards Sandia Peak Tramway.
The tramway is a cable car that fits 50 people and takes you over the treetops to the top of the mountain. It takes 15 minutes to get there and it offers a spectacular view from its 360ยบ windows.
By the grace of God we all got in the same car so we could enjoy it together. A few were nervous. Most visibly Lacy C and Ely. Ely doesn’t dig heights but he stood in the middle of the car with me and held onto the pole. He did fine and the fact that he was joking the whole way let me know it wasn’t that bad on him.

When you get to the top there was a restaurant and a few trails. We took one gropu pick then we broke into smaller groups to wander the trail.
After some amazing scenery we met back up at the top and again all got in the same car down. This trip was a little more eventful. some guy shoved me at one point and I thought that might escalate but he calmed down.
According to him he had said excuse me but I didn’t hear him cuz I was talking to our people so his next step was to shove me. That went over about as well as you would expect it to in an enclosed space. Still God’s hand was on the situation cuz the guy just basically shut down and moved back to the window when things got tense.

Got thru that and I was talking to the kids again when Ryleigh got ill and was about to throw up.

Don’t think I talked about her for a few days so I’ll catch you up. Ryleigh was sick from day Monday - Friday. Couldn’t get her to eat, hardly got her to drink. 

We got down from the mountain and headed to the mall. We had originally decided to go to the Coranado Mall but thanks to the advice or Jeff and Kara we decided to go to a less “ghetto” mall. We ended up at Cottonwood Mall downtown ABQ.

When we got there we realized there were no real “sit down” dining choices there and we wanted to all eat together before we enjoyed a couple hours at the mall.
We ended up picking a Chili’s because it was close.

The bill got all screwed up because a few of the leaders had decided to pay for their own meals to save the trip money. We were under budget but we had not brought the whole budget with us. After the issue that first day I told Kelly we planned on bringing a certain amount but I told him that in a panic and in reality we had quite a bit more to play with. Which turned out to be good in the long run. I mean how many people can go on a mission trip and stay about an grand under projected budget?
Anyway, since we did that the waiter got the bill messed up and Emily coday had to go with him to the computer and sort out our tickets. 
We got paid however and went to the mall.

We got together in the mall for a few minutes just to go over a few ground rules. We let them break into groups no smaller than 3 and picked a few teen leaders to be in charge of their group.  
Everyone had everyone else's number so things were safe. 

We agreed to meet back at 5pm.

The teens had a great time and I can’t stress enough how well they did with the freedom they were afforded this week.  Even if the freedom was an illusion at times. they still behaved very well. You can all be proud of them.

So after the mall we finally headed over to the Trujillo’s for dinner.
It was great to see them again and to actually get to sit and talk to them. They prepared a truly great meal. Hamburgers, hotdogs, fresh fruit, chips and cookies. 

After the meal we sat around and talked. I noticed Ryleigh had been sitting on their couch the whole time so I went to talk to her while all the others played a couple games.

Finally it was starting to get dark and we had to say goodbye to the family.

We drove back to the hotel and a few of the kids went to the pool. The pool didn’t close til 11 and they had about 2 hours to goof off.  Emily and Lacy joined them.

The rest of us went to our rooms and hung out.

It was a good night.

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