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Day 4

Day 4

Tuesday was a pretty exciting morning. Brandon had watched the episode of 30 Days where Morgan Spurlock went to a Navajo reservation for 30 days and he brought with him a goat as a gift to the family. They quickly dispatched the sheep and ate it that night as a welcome to Morgan.
Brandon had asked if I would find out if we could buy and kill a sheep. He was willing to do the killing and skinning and such so I asked Pete. He arranged for us to have a sheep delivered the next morning. For a price of course. Brandon and I split that cost our of our own pockets.

Bright and early 6:30 am we were gathered in the driveway, those of us who wanted to watch at least. Some didn’t want to watch and others would have if it were at a decent hour.

We unloaded the sheep. Brandon and Miki carried it over to the sand and Bobby the preacher from Sunday was there because it was his sheep we bought and he wanted to watch Brandon do it.

We had a short prayer and Brandon cut it’s throat……

Now this is going to get a little graphic so feel free to skip to the next couple paragraphs.

Brandon did a good job at cutting the throat. He held the head back by the horns and about 2 sawing motions produced a staggeringly loud spray of blood. Dalena immediately turned away and started crying. The rest of those out there stayed to watch I think more out of respect for the animal and the fact that we had it killed than morbid curiosity. 
I had never seen this done and was not quite prepared for the sounds and panic of the beast.
The Blood slowed down and the sheep was carried over to the building to basically field dress.
Brandon cut the back legs loose and the sheep started kicking. She was in fact not dead yet and Brandon quickly rectified that problem
Next they sawed off the head and laid it on the ground next to the animal. Cut the hide off and removed the lower legs. Tried desperately not to spill the contents of the sheeps stomachs (or that of the onlookers for that matter).
The Sheep was finished by Brandon and Bobby and moved into the kitchen.  

Still with me? Good.  

While we were watching Brandon Ethan discovered a small skatepark behind the school. It was put there for the community but insurance was too high so they and just let it go.  Didn't take Ethan long to get his board and he proceeded to skate thru breakfast.

Breakfast was provided by the girls. It was their time to serve and they made pancakes and bacon. I know, I know it was more work than cereal but we wanted the bacon grease for beans the next day and we had to have it done. This situation was ok with the majority of the girls. Not everyone however. We had a few issues this week with the “we GET to serve” attitude especially that morning but for the most part the teens were something to be proud of.

During breakfast I stepped outside for a second to get Dakota who was at the time rolling around the sketepark in a wheelchair. No injury mind you he just found a wheel chair and immediately took to it. He’s gonna make a very sporty cartoon elderly person one day.
So I opened the door and there was Pete standing over the body of a big white dog.
Now my initial thought was one of Panic. The natives were killing everything white and the revolution was about to start with us.
Pretty sure Pete read the shock in my eyes because he quickly explained that one of his volunteers had just ran over one of the reservation dogs.

The school we were at had 3 dogs just roaming in and out of the building and around the property. Becca and Issabella Tucker had taken quite a shine to the dogs and we made sure that the white dogs death was kept quiet for a couple days. Just didn’t want to upset the girls if we could help it.

After breakfast Ethan, Matt, Tharon, MIki and myself went to the Home Depot in Gallop to get the $80 in 2x4’s.

Trip was un eventful and while we were gone the teens both boys and girls cleaned the kitchen under the charge of Laura and Brandon.

We returned with the wood and knowing it wouldn’t take very long to use the 25 board we bought we only took a few of the teens with us the next day. Basically if you wanted to go or you were a huge help (Miki and Becca) we had you come with us.

The rest took care of a few things at the school.  

After a couple hours we were finished. We had exhausted our wood and our budget for supplies.  We managed to frame the entire outside, the master bedroom and closet inside in about 7 hours total with 23 or so people including Indians.

We went back to the school.

We killed some time and got some rest. At one point Ethan decided to take anyone who wanted to go over to some rocks and climb/hike.  Most people went. I did not, rather I napped.  Matt woke me after an hour or so and he and I proceeded to make dinner.

We were having that mornings sheep. As well as spaghetti because we were pretty sure some of the teens wouldn’t eat the sheep.  We were correct too.

We found the sheep in the fridge, or at least what was left of it. The Indians that had finished getting it ready for us and I thought was going to cook it for us had instead taken off with all but the spine and about 4 ribs.
We did the best we could. Matt made spaghetti and I cut as much meat off the spine as I could. They had also left us some scrap meat in the fridge that i managed to get enough meat off of to make a pretty decent pile.
I started by tenderizing it and then dredging it in flour and pan frying it. Then Matt mixed in some spices and it was pretty dang good.

Everyone  returned while we were cooking. Emily Whitten had an asthma attack on the rocks and they came back to rest. She was fine by the time they got to the school but still it scared a few teens.

Ely, Kenley, Becca, Isabella and Mady helped Matt and I finish dinner. Jaunita and Fernando showed up to help a little (well at least Juanita) and to eat with us.

I wanted the full experience and since I had paid half the price of the sheep  I asked if Juanita would prepare some of the innards the what they would normally eat them.

She proceeded to make chitlins, which I’m sure being in Missouri most of you are at least familiar with. For those who don’t it is intestine wrapped around stomach fat and fried.
She also prepared a mix, kind of a vegetable-less stir fry. Rather than veggies however they used spices, and the sheep’s organs, lungs, heart, large intestine and such.  
It was the worst thing I have ever put in my head.  Imagine the smell of a barnyard and then convert that smell to a flavor.  It was chaos. If given the option of  eating either another spoonful of that or an adorable kitten I would eat the kitten, before you could finish the sentence.

Matt Latall has a great story about the chitlins. He was working in the kitchen as Juanita was making the chitlins and she complained to him that the intestines were too clean. that "normally they leave a little of the stuff in there for flavor."
Flavor!?   It's poop not flavor!

Still a few others tried it.  No one actually ate more than a bite which by the sheer grace of God we managed to swallow.

After the meal those that didn’t cook got to serve by cleaning the kitchen.

Fernando had a video about the Navajo he wanted us to watch but it was too late and we passed.  
Pete showed up and we discussed the night before and I let him know my mind on the subject and we also told him we would be cleaning up and leaving in the morning.   

He told me some pretty intense stories about his people. He also said he wouldn’t be at the school on Wednesday, thanked us for our work and left.

Ethan and Brandon were outside discussing personal business for a couple hours and Matt, myself and the other leaders sent the teens to bed that wanted to go to bed. Forgoing the devotional until morning.  
The teens and leaders that didn’t go directly to sleep proceeded to talk, listen to music and dance. I went to sleep.

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