Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tech Support

I'm going to start this blog by saying that your phone is not a storage device. It's not meant to be. It's a conveyance to other more permanent storage. 
If you have a couple hundred photos on your phone and you don't back them up and your phone crashes or needs reset you have lost all of it. 

So my story starts out last night when I decided to reset Linda's phone because it was not acting properly. 
I reset the thing and it came up with a weird error. It said that Lins phone wasn't set up for activation on the "developer account". 
Today I goy up and went right to verizon. 
They had zero clue as to what to do so they sent me home with a number to call. 

I called that number at 2:10 and it took 8 minutes shy of 10 hours to get things fixed. 

Here is the thing about Apple techs they don't really listen. They only hear certain words and some words just throw them off. 

I would get about an hour into a phone call the first couple times when I mentioned the developer part. That shut the tech down. They immediately stopped trying to help and pawned me off onto the developer techs. 
Who then realized it wasn't their jurisdiction and sent me back to the regular tech or "accidentally" disconnected me. 

So I'd call again and a machine would say according to their records I just called, am I calling about the same problem?
That was my mistake a couple times too. 

The next guy had me do a recovery mode restore. This took almost an hour and he took my info and said he'd call back. Apple did call back (but not the same tech) after about an hour and fifteen minutes. 
The recovery/restore didn't work and the new guy asked me to do another recovery/restore on the phone only this time on Linda's PC rather than my Mac. 
Again this took a little over an hour and yet another tech called me back. 

He asked what the problem was and I explained, making sure to avoid the red flag words that I had learned so far. 
The new tech, a senior tech decided a recovery/restore would fix my problem. I tried to explain I did it twice already. Phew didn't care and said this time he would like to monitor my screen via screenshare.  So ge can see basically how I'm screwing up the process. 
47 minutes later he saw that it wasn't working and had me cancel the restore. 

He said he'd have to talk to some people and he'd call me back with an answer. 

His answer an hour later was that a month or so ago I had decided to join the developer program and although I never finished the process apple thought I had and their computers have me down as a developer. 
I asked how to get off from being a developer and he told me he would look into it. Or I could pay the developer fee and fix it right away. 

After another hour with no call back I decided to pay the fee. This was at 7pm. I paid it got the phone running again and was happy. 

Unfortunately Lin doesn't back up her photos and she lost a bunch from her trip to Lawrence KS and Branson the last couple weekends. 

She got real down and mopey so I tried to get them back with a "restore from back up". This was a huge mistake because the back up was the old version that was giving me problems. 

However this time the error message was different. This time the message said to call apple to activate my phone. 
I called and was on hold for 35 minutes when I got accidentally disconnected. 
So I called back and after another 30 minutes I got a hold of another senior tech. 

She asked what was going on and I told her I couldn't get my wife's phone to activate. She wanted me to do a recovery/restore. I told her that it wasn't that. I had already done it a few times. 
During my explanation I unfortunately said "we got the developer problem worked out". 
She got real curious about that. 
Next thing I know she's transferring me to the developer tech whom can't help me and puts me back again to the regular techs. 

So there I sat at my desk at 10 pm almost in tears. Ok, actually in tears. 

I started googling the problem knowing now that it wasn't a developer problem anymore. 

I eventually found the fix but it took another 2 hours to set up dummy accounts and get the iPhone working. 

It was a nightmare. Fortunately now, it's working. Lin just has to re-set it up. She did lose her photos and contacts. 
I feel bad about that but I can't help it. Maybe she will back it up properly now, or at very least I'll remember to do it weekly for her. 

Ok, it's finally time to sleep. 

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