Friday, October 4, 2013

Sketch cards

I love drawing sketch cards but I pretty much hate everyone I draw. 
The reason being that I have to scan them in and upon seeing them on my screen I am always depressed by my mistakes and inaccuracies. 
The way my markers occasionally bleed over the line art. The blurriness of my lines. 
I don't think that anyone who received my sketch cards would notice. Shoot I don't notice til I scan them in. Still it made me love drawing them but hate looking at them. 
I used to keep an album of my sketch cards. Now I either give them away or trash them. 

Anyway, I got a new set this week. I'm pretty anxious to start and I know it will lead to more opportunities. 
In order to get the job I had to draw a couple samples featuring women. I was extremely careful to make them as flawless as I could. I took at least twice as long as usual. I drew them one day and let the ink set until the next day. That way my prisms color markers wouldn't re-wet & smear my line art. When they were done. I scanned them in and sure enough. There're were still the myriad issues of my regular cards. 

I  scanned in a card from a professional and friend of mine.  A card I admire on a daily basis and I saw very similar flaws.  
It's all about how close you look. 

Hopefully the people that receive my cards are happy to receive an original hand drawn piece with all it's imperfections. 

I have so much fun working on them & I pray it shows. 

At your service

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