Sunday, September 8, 2013


When I was in Highschool my grandpa decided it was time to re-shingle the roof.
So everyday for 3 weeks after school, I would get home, change clothes eat and then climb the ladder to the roof.
I'm not afraid of heights but ladders make me nervous. I know how they are supposed to work. I've climbed them enough with no accidents that I should trust them implicitly.

My Grandpa did. I remember he would throw 1 sack of shingles on each shoulder and go up the ladder all the way up without using his hands. Didn't matter if the ladder was slaunch-wise or on weird ground. He still climbed it with the same confidence. I once saw him drive a nail in the facia and lean the lader at an angle against it and make trips up and down.

When I was going up or down the ladder I clutched onto the roof as soon as I could reach it. I would hold onto that roof until I made it to the top. If I was coming down I'd hold onto the roof until I just HAD to let go. I knew the ladder was safe but I couldn't let loose of the roof.

As a Christian I find myself still sometimes holding on to that roof. I know what God can do. I've seen it.  I know I should trust him implicitly but I still hold on mentally to something else "just in case"

I didn't get involved in church at Lifepoint for over a year.  I had been hurt by church and bruised by fellow Christians.  So I hid in the balcony and tried to get in and out without talking to anyone.

That hurt was my "Roof" for a long time.  I just wouldn't let go of it and trust God. It was the perfect excuse not to get involved.

Then after my rededication last Feb, I let go of the roof, put my whole weight in God and climbed down from the balcony and trusted Him.   There will always be hurt and struggles, life isn't perfect but God gave me the church family and support system to make it thru. 

You just have to Commit, and Continue.

COMMIT: Get involved WEEKLY. Find a place to plug in. 

There are dozens of places in your church to work. Some in front and some behind the scenes. All you have to do is ask and we will plug you in. Or fill a whole you see on your own. 

CONTINUE: Even when you are down, even if you don't feel appreciated or you are hurt you continue.
We are Christians, we are family but we are still human and we are going to get hurt by other Christians from time to time. That is no excuse, no reason to stop working.  You don't do the work for anyone but God so getting your feelings hurt by a person should not disengage your commitment to work for God.

Even the hardest of workers can get their feelings hurt when a new ministry pops up on the horizon and it's led by someone that has been with the church less time than them. Or one pops up and they aren't asked to participate.
It's happened to me, it gave me doubts, it hurt my feelings but it didn't keep me off the lot that Sunday and everyone since.

It's deliberate and its conscious and its required by your God so get used to it and get involved! 

Psalm 9:10 says "And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD hast not forsaken them that seek thee. 

God has never and will never forsake those who earnestly seek him. To seek him takes faith AND work (James 2:14-26).  Your Christian walk is not passive, its active. 

Let go of the roof get out of the pew and get to work.

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